Anita blake tattoos

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Wicked[ edit ] Brother to Truth, Wicked is a vampire of considerable power. She is one of the few who has seen Marmee Noir in person. However, once Jean-Claude acquires other, less difficult master vampires, he begins to regret inviting Meng Die into his retinue, as her power, aggression and sexual jealousy of Anita make her one of the most difficult of his vampires to control. Pain is her substitute for sex because she is a small child. Rex of the St.

Anita blake tattoos

In Bullet , Haven abuses and threatens the lions of his pride, making it a scary, unpleasant, and unsafe place. When threatened by the Harlequin, he asks Anita to find a priest to hear his confession, so he can die absolved. Also caused Anita "harm from a distance". He wants to be master of the city, but is not powerful enough. Rex of the St. After traveling alone and masterless for many years, in Incubus Dreams, Anita binds the brothers to Jean-Claude. Her mental abilities and physical strength were formidable and frightening. Meng Die particularly resents Anita because one of her lovers, Requiem has left her in order to increase his chances of forming a relationship with Anita. Meng Die is powerful enough to become a master of a city in her own right, and aggressive enough that her former master was happy to "loan" her to Jean-Claude, thereby reducing the risk that she would try to seize her former master's territory for herself. He is blood oathed by Anita. He savagely beats Noel and Travis, almost killing Noel, because he believed Anita was sleeping with them. Anita admits that the loss of her 'Cookie Monster' hurt her, but not as much as the loss of Nathaniel and her other loves would have. Anita kills him after he admits to attempting to kill Nathaniel. Together with his brother, he was able to kill his entire bloodline after their Sourdre de Sang went insane and the vampires of their line began randomly killing people. He is said to be between and years old, an exact age is never given, except Danse Macabre Ch. Anita kills Nikolaos at the end of Guilty Pleasures by cutting her head off and stabbing her in the heart with Burchard's sword. Robert marries Monica Vespucci and they are able to conceive a child. Wicked[ edit ] Brother to Truth, Wicked is a vampire of considerable power. He can feed the ardeur every two hours, which makes him a potential potent pomme de sang, but the drawback is that he becomes addicted to the ardeur. As a result, he takes over the local pride. Unfortunately, other branches of the Church nationwide have likewise not blood-oathed their members. His name comes from being "poetic, but damn depressing". Louis in Danse Macabre as a bodyguard for Augustine and as a pomme de sang candidate for Anita. He is what in earlier times would be called an incubus. Liv[ edit ] A large Nordic vampire with bodybuilder muscles who pledged her loyalty to Jean-Claude when he became Master of the City of St. She attempts to kill him with a silver knife and injures him in the process.

Anita blake tattoos

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