Aquarius man and aquarius woman love compatibility

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That, or you two could find yourselves exploring as many possibilities as you can at once, and neglect everything else. Whatever their relationship might be like, when they talk, they will most certainly have an electrical connection and ideas will fly from side to side as if the conversation was their playground. Aquarius is an air sign with the strangest planet, Uranus — known for its North Pole that faces the sun and its moons orbiting around it backwards, as its ruling planet.

Aquarius man and aquarius woman love compatibility

More specifically, how he sees you. The problem in their intellectual contact can show up because of their ego issues and this is almost inevitable with two such strong individuals. This will not quench the desire they will feel when they are truly attracted to one another, but they could be too detached for any of the partners to give enough warmth or focus to their relationship. The thing is, you two need to check in with each other fairly regularly and communicate. Work out a procedure. Also, both the Aquarians are oblivious and sometimes unattentive as they both tend to think a lot. One thing to know: Is it Worth the Risk? The initial love affair starts with a good friendship which they really admire in a relationship that they look forward to. The good thing is that they both value their freedom to extremes and this will connect them even when there are many other things they disagree on. There will be somethings that the male Aquarius wants to change in others and there are somethings that the female Aquarius wants to change in others, but none of them are likely to consider and enhance changes in themselves. It will also provide clues into his emotional state. An Aquarius man is also intellectual, humanitarian and visionary. Routine is a word that never really comes up. Not as if having lovers on the side is necessarily outside the bounds of your relationship, but every so often, you as well as everyone else, can feel insecure about his loyalty. It can also make the partners cold and distant if not balanced properly, though. This could be the reason of a very unpleasant conflict between their personalities, for both of these partners have the need to set strong boundaries and easily get lost in their extreme individualities. The ultimate question for you is if his particular passions are compatible with yours. They could go anywhere and do anything, for as long as it is interesting enough, educating enough or exciting enough. You know, having your own distant moment. Especially how any of it relates to you, if at all. There is a great amount of appreciation that the Aquarians hold for each other, where they feel a rush of emotions that they will perceive, recognize and acknowledge, for the fellowship that they may experience. No threats or ultimatums. They are often out on their own, pursuing their own interests, and not worrying about what their partner thinks or feels. While this characteristic can be admirable, it too can lead to their downfall.

Aquarius man and aquarius woman love compatibility

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