Avoid abortion save sex for marriage

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The fathers then wield tremendous influence in the future of the pregnancy. However, the reality is completely the opposite. I was told that it was not permitted to use public transport after the procedure, even though there was no anaesthetic involved.

Avoid abortion save sex for marriage

Each interview lasted about 30 minutes. Ultrasound sex discernment technologies were first introduced in major cities of India in the s, its use expanded in India's urban regions in the s, and became widespread in the s. Indeed, while those who had a first-trimester abortion had recognized the pregnancy at an average of 1. Physically, although the process was uncomfortable and painful, it was manageable pain. Divekar SA et al. The worst part was the injection they put on my cervix and then the doctor started aspirating. Protocol Following their abortion, respondents were interviewed at a time and place of their choosing; most interviews took place in the clinic before discharge. I am grateful to my mum for helping me make that decision. Because we hypothesized that a delay in getting an abortion may be related to the nature of the sexual encounter resulting in pregnancy, women were asked whether relations were consensual, or whether they had been persuaded to have sex or had been forced to do so. Purity and chastity seem to be virtues that have gone out of fashion. Both techniques typically test for chromosomal disorders but can also reveal the sex of the child and are performed early in the pregnancy. I also received immediate support from my family and partner. But those thoughts bring up feelings of dread that I would have resented my child for its whole life, or that the child would have had a terrible abnormality because I was drinking alcohol and smoking early in my pregnancy since I was not expecting or intending to be pregnant. It felt like a huge burden had been lifted and I had regained control of my life. I was told that it was not permitted to use public transport after the procedure, even though there was no anaesthetic involved. When my relationship with my ex-boyfriend finally ended, and I found myself alone and autonomous for the first time in my adulthood, I had a nervous breakdown. I was led into a cubicle and told to put on a gown. As my pregnancy was at a very early stage, I opted for a medical abortion rather than surgical as under NHS procedures. First-trimester abortions occurred at an average of 2. They can lead people to feel like they are competing with others whom their partner may find more attractive. When faced with the decision for a second time, this time aged 23, I was very conflicted. Abortion is such an emotive issue and without doubt it is one of the worst things I have been through but I would not have done it another way. The procedure was fairly painless, and I recovered quickly physically, although I felt very sad about it for a long time. I took I think two pills and stayed in the hospital bed reading with my mum reading by my side. Some women reported that although they had not confided in their father or a male relative about the pregnancy, their mother or a female relative in whom they had confided had informed the male relative. While I at times imagined what it might be like if I decided to go through with the pregnancy, I feel keenly that it would have been the wrong decision. I was really curious and tried to sit up to have a look, but thankfully the nurse pushed me back down onto the bed.

Avoid abortion save sex for marriage

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