Best sex positions for good sex

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Amp it up another level with the Upside-Down From there, she should feel the vibrations running through your penis, making her orgasm all the better. This position also promotes intimacy through ease of eye gazing and kissing [ Everybody says and writes that changing positions in sex is good, that knowing their different options will make your sexual life diversified and so on. And what is good for one person may not work with others and vice versa.

Best sex positions for good sex

The Superhero Carlee Ranger Perhaps the ultimate strength test position, the "Superman" sees you bend her over a desk or table, with her using it for support. The Spork Carlee Ranger Sort of a cross between the T-position and Spooning, this one features the woman on her back while her partner, lying on his side, cradles her and penetrates her from below. This position allows for her to control the angle of penetration with her hips and both of them have hands free to explore one another and make sure the clitoris isn't ignored. Perfect for the woman to be fully comfortable and let herself go, this puts the man in full command of how fast and how deep he wants to penetrate. He supports her with one hand wrapped around her torso. Have her standing straight up and back up to you slowly, and then bend over at 90 degrees. Zen Sex Carlee Ranger Some people want lustful, intense, passionate sex Rather than having her try to do vertical pushups, or you pulling her back and forth, both of which are liable to tire you out, do the work with your hips. Are you looking to try something a little bit outside the box, to cross a few more things off your bucket list, to mix in some furniture or to add some serious spice to the relationship? The Butterfly Carlee Ranger Dr. You can add a variation to this by having her lean forward, so that her head is actually almost over top of your feet. In its simplest form, you kneel on the bed, with your partner on all fours. This position is also great for analingus, as it gives the giver full access to the woman's crotch and anus. Standing Sex Positions Whether you have a bed at your disposal or not, sometimes you just want to get it on standing up instead of lying down. Don't try this without first ascertaining that it can hold your weight or your partner's , though. Bedside Doggy-Style Carlee Ranger A lot of sexual positions have the woman on an elevated platform with the man on the ground — this one flips the script. You control the thrusting in this position, because generally keeping her balance is going to be enough of a challenge in itself. For this, you're probably better off sticking to the standard Cowgirl position, although Missionary might also be an option. It also offers great access to the neck and breasts so you can get in a lot of passionate kissing, and a lot of intimate face-to-face time. To get maximum closeness, Missionary with legs on shoulders works best. The Waterfall is a variation on the popular Cowgirl position, but packs a super-sized climactic punch. Remember, finish quickly though: Support her back with your hands, and then have her place one leg on your shoulder, and then the other. Astroglide's resident sex expert Dr. You can either use it as a bridge while building to orgasm, or moving into it right before the big finale.

Best sex positions for good sex

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