Best way to clean sex toys

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Use the wipe-down method or soap and water. On metal, plastic, glass, wood and most silicone check with manufacturer to be certain you can wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. If the softener is not phthalates, then it is likely mineral oil, which some people are also allergic to. Inspect it before every use for discoloration, odd new smells and black spots this means mildew is growing in the pores — if you see anything off, toss the sucker immediately.

Best way to clean sex toys

Most wood sex toys are finished in a polyurethane or lacquer that is body-safe, but some smaller crafters only rub in a few coats of wax or oil. If fluids can get trapped, then bacteria can grow on the surface. In addition to writing she is an artist who works with assemblage and sculpture. To find out the differences between the cheap glass dildos and the expensive glass toys, read this post. Pure silicone can be fully sanitized and is non-porous. From what I can see, only SinFive is using this material type. A note on using a condom with a sex toy: For porous materials it is probably best to use polyurethane condoms — many porous materials have oil in the material as a softener, and oil is not compatible with latex! As I said above, look at the directions before handling it. Any type of lube is safe for these. Wipe leather products with a damp, soapy cloth or with leather cleaner. For these reasons, it is recommended to use condoms with these types of toys. The accuracy of that statement has, of course, never been proved by a lab so proceed with caution. The only problematic hard plastic toys are those coated in a metallic paint — this will chip off! She tweets at snicolelane. Moreover, sex toy cleaners exist and at a shop, representatives typically advise customers to purchase a cleaner as an addition. Silicone and oil-based lubes will break the material down. Clean with anti-bacterial soap and water. Jelly sex toys can be dangerous. Most condoms that are lubricated use a silicone lube, and it is usually a cheap one. Glass and ceramic toys should be examined every time you use them for cracks or chips; if found, replace the toy immediately. These will most likely have a reaction with a silicone toy. You can use any cleaning method you wish. Dildos from professional companies like Nobessence have a permanent finish that will not wear off. A really good alternative to these materials is a dual-density silicone toy — Tantus O2 and Vixen Vixskin are two of the best. You can choose from 3 options to clean a silicone toy.

Best way to clean sex toys

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