Black gay threeway

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Our wedding was held at our small Craftsman house in Hollywood. How I view it changes. I flew to Spokane Washington where Alex was living for six months while working on a TV show to tell him that I had met somebody.

Black gay threeway

How I view it changes. We messed around in the bathroom at the bar. But we wanted everyone to see Jon. We were sharing our new love, Jon, with each other. He already felt alienated from Jon and me. We had all underestimated the timing. Everything was heightened and out of perspective. I think that was the hardest part: All three of us. Jon stood in the back of the room during the ceremony. People we love get sick. Jon was no longer a trick. We had terrible fights. A night Alex drove Jon and me through Terminal Island, the industrial lights igniting fires in the sky around us, creating a matrix of magic and wonder and beauty. I introduced Jon to Conor. We were proud of him. He was a thousand miles away. Just do your best to take care of each other. Even as some of us drift apart. It was especially hard on Alex. I had no idea what was normal or not normal. East Coast and West Coast merging. He was working long and treacherous hours. And it seemed maybe things would be ok. I can love Alex completely, with everything I have, and still have more than enough to love Jon just as completely, just as fully.

Black gay threeway

I fluctuated Jon to Conor. He already hunt deemed from Jon and me. He was improve amusing to be a feeling up, some college hot dude, layout another adventure. Advance into something new. And I was holding.

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