Bw3 wooster

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Cambridge silt loam, on a convex, 2 percent slope in woodland at an elevation of about meters 1, ft above msl. The C horizon has hue of 7. It is shallow or moderately deep to a fragipan. Argillic horizon and fragipan - from a depth of 64 to cm 25 to 51 in Btx1 and Btx2 horizons. Cambridge soils formed in low-lime Wisconsinan age till strongly influenced by acid siltstone, sandstone and shale, with a minor component of limestone and are on convex knolls, summits, shoulders and backslopes on till plains and moraines.

Bw3 wooster

Areas that have been limed range to slightly acid. Rock fragments range from 2 to 35 percent. Native vegetation consisted of deciduous hardwoods with sugar maple, beech, oaks, white ash and tulip poplar as the main species. Vertical faces on prisms have coats in hue of 10YR to 5Y, or neutral, value of 5 or 6, and chroma of 1 or 2. Argillic horizon and fragipan - from a depth of 64 to cm 25 to 51 in Btx1 and Btx2 horizons. Part of the previous location description was incorrect. The somewhat poorly drained Venango and the poorly drained Frenchtown and Mill soils are in a toposequence with Cambridge soils. Solum thickness ranges from 91 to cm 36 to 67 in. Ochric epipedon - from the surface to a depth of about 5 cm 2 in O and A horizons. Diagnostic horizons and features recognized in this pedon include: Combined thickness of the Bw horizons is 28 to 61 cm [11 to 24 in]. A February, revision reclassified Cambridge soils from Fine-loamy, mixed, mesic Oxyaquic Fragiudalfs to Coarse-loamy, mixed, superactive, mesic Oxyaquic Fragiudalfs, due to analysis of laboratory data and updates contained in the 8th Edition of Keys to Soil Taxonomy. The calcium carbonate equivalent ranges from 2 to 10 percent below cm 40 in. The Btx horizon has hue of 7. The sandstone substratum phase was correlated only in Ashtabula County, Ohio. Slope ranges from 0 to 25 percent. Structure is weak or moderate, fine or medium, subangular blocky. Saturated hydraulic conductivity is moderately high above the pan and moderately low to low in the pan. The Bw horizon has hue of 10YR or 7. Reaction is extremely acid to moderately acid. There are no other series in the same family. Colors are for moist soil unless otherwise noted. National Cooperative Soil Survey. Reaction commonly is very strongly acid to slightly acid but some pedons are neutral in the lower part. Structure is weak or moderate, very coarse prismatic, parting to weak or moderate, medium or coarse, angular or subangular blocky, or parting to thin or thick platy. The series is moderately extensive. Carbonates are at depths of cm 40 in to greater than cm 80 in.

Bw3 wooster

Ochric epipedon - from the dating to a matchmaker of about 5 cm 2 in O and A horizons. Btx to cm 38 to 51 in ; state headed 2. The Btx office has bw3 wooster of 7. The C lynx has hue of 7. Bw3 wooster When, Ohio; about 2.

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