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I have always loved Halo, still love Halo and will love Halo. Anyway, with that resolved there is nothing obviously wrong with your configuration. AfterTheFire Recruit - Gold I tried to post a new topic on this forum and was told when i went to post it that my subject already existed and that my post wouldn't be posted.


It is way more effective than in any previous Halo. It was so frustrating. I then went into the first few relevent pages of threads and saw nothing that I was looking for at all. I'll agree that there seems to be limited gain in doing this, but each to their own. Whatever, you're bad at Halo, I get it. In previous games, you could still see the person in active camo, slightly, but you could sill see them. And from what I can see there are no hard-coded values in the camera code - everything comes from the dt-blob. So I changed my subject so it would get posted. And more to that, not only is it more powerful, people are spawning with it. I'm not saying the game is a "fail" or lolHalo4 or lame crap like that. I think we can be sure that your dt-blob is being used, since the default one won't have the cameras configured at all, but you could confirm it by changing the pull direction on one of the spare pins. Hi MOD, I have attached my dts file here. Please, let me start by saying that I love Halo 4. I'm not interested in doing contracts for bespoke functionality - please don't ask. Views expressed are still personal views. Software Engineer at Raspberry Pi Trading. Am I alone here? I am just saying it is frustrating and I'd maybe like it to not be an armor ability at all, or to nerf it serverly. But in case you made a slip somewhere in your post and that you do genuinely have some unexpected behaviour, make sure you are modifying the correct section of the dt-blob. First, I can't imagine that being fun at all, but secondly, it is just so powerful that it makes me not want to play as much. Yes I am using CM. Now, that being out of the way, I have to say: So the link cables need to change but nothing else. Mon Sep 29, 1: Please don't send PMs asking for support - use the forum. It should all work.


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  1. I am just saying it is frustrating and I'd maybe like it to not be an armor ability at all, or to nerf it serverly.

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