Cant stand sex with fat husband

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What you're all demonstrating to everyone is your own arrogance and lack of compassion for humanity. Just because I'm not huge doesn't mean you can have my seat too. This is not how I imagined us as a couple with grown kids. You need to be sexually attracted to your partner in order for the relationship to be healthy, plain and simple.

Cant stand sex with fat husband

I have 0 sympathy for obesity. When I find a feller like that, which I have found, then I'll go the distance for him in more ways than one. Get off it, that's not what happens in the real world. But also beautiful woman here. I saw the differences in my body as I changed, but inside I felt like the same me! It is easy to say "ya we'll i've made a lot of money" or "i'm pretty in the face" to dodge the real issue which is: I can't stand it when I feel even 5 pounds over weight. I won't even look at a thin guy, they are so struck on themselves. I am not savvy with computer this evening, and definitely not with words. I can always come back at any loser who comes at me because I'm fat. And if you truly cannot look your mate in the eyes today and honestly answer the question that if you did not know your mate would you be physically attracted to them as they are now, then I feel sad for you and your mate is doing you a dis-service. Dude takes it a little far but he is right. If people who are fat want to have more sex then good for them. Americans make too many excuses and are therefor an obese country. So stop believing that aging is an automatic verdict for gaining weight; it isn't. Fat and over 70? That is the problem. Seems like to a lot of women "a little" means lbs overweight. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask that a partner puts as much effort into staying fit as I do. It's not being superficial, its the stress of worrying about his health daily at such a young age that is the biggest turn off. Stress over the fact the everyone in my husbands family has had some sort of heart issue. I am older than I've ever been, fatter than I've ever been, and also having the best sex I've ever had in my life. Remember the pendulum swings both ways. Obesity is often a symptom of emotional starvation. To do otherwise is to do a dis-service to your mate. The same goes for men, this isn't just about women. No one here has brought that up.

Cant stand sex with fat husband

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