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And that was without the other stuff that goes in a head unit. What size box should I build? This is typically a front pair and a rear pair.


As far as speakers go, I'd go with a good 2-way 6. Here's a few guidelines to help you ask the correct questions to the correct source. Car Stereo Help I'm often amazed by the questions that people send in to the magazines. You may find that the stereo is capable of driving your speakers to an acceptable level but don't expect it to totally rock. It would be preferable to get something that sounds similar to your current 6x9 speakers, having 2 pairs that sound very different really blows. Ask the Manufacturer Questions that deal with specific equipment or equipment specific problems. These are things to address to your dealer or the manufacturer. Should sound the same, have the same volume level, right? The idea that a true 4 x 35 watt amp can be squeezed into a car stereo along with a tuner, preamp, tape or CD mechanism, connectors, display screen, and so on, is ridiculous. There is an extreme wealth of knowledge in the editorial staff of the car audio magazines but some questions are better asked to either manufacturers or in the car audio forums. Car Audio Forums If you want opinions on equipment or need some troubleshooting advice then you should check out the various car audio forums. What size box should I build? The 4 x 35 watt external amp was about 4 times the size and weight of the head unit. The wattage rating of the speakers has very little meaning in the real world since an overdriven, cheaply made 30W amp is more likely to damage a speaker rated at W than a well built W amp is. But like any survey, if you get enough responses you'll see a trend either for or against a particular piece. Posts 2, 4 x 35 watt means that it can, in theory, provide 35W per channel to two pairs of stereo speakers. This is typically a front pair and a rear pair. This can become costly and complex but is worth it if you're really into music and you spend a lot of time in your car. Anyone with functioning ears could hear a huge difference in dynamic range, overall loudness, distortion level, etc. I had a head unit that was rated at 4 x 35 watt and I then added a 4 x 35 watt external amp and ran it off the RCA outputs. The number one question you shouldn't ask is "What's the best [insert car audio equipment here]? Try the following forums: They'll print questions like: Things like box size, adjustments, installation specifics. It's all a matter of personal opinion and has more to do with what your goals are for your system. No one knows their equipment like they do.


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  1. But like any survey, if you get enough responses you'll see a trend either for or against a particular piece.

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