Cataract surgery and young adults

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And the fact that we can now come closer to meeting those expectations than we could in the past supports their desire to get this problem addressed earlier. Slade also consults for IntraLase. For the younger patients this is probably the most important thing—along with having a non-complicated procedure.

Cataract surgery and young adults

We really need to control the fate of the capsular bag and the subcapsular lens epithelial cells; we need to have a greater degree of accuracy in our optical outcomes; and we need to address the issue of true and adequate accommodation. Now, as we operate on cataract patients who are getting younger, our work may have to last for 40 or 50 years. Now they have more modern ideas of how a practice is supposed to look. In addition, they expect the surgery to be painless, nearly instantaneous and cosmetically nonblemishing. For the younger patients this is probably the most important thing—along with having a non-complicated procedure. We have Internet service in our office so patients can access the Internet on their iPads or smartphones. LVC reshapes the cornea with a laser to change the way that your cornea bends the light. There are numerous long-term advantages to doing this, although it does add more time to the chair discussion and in the operating room. Most insurance companies will cover a monofocal IOL, which corrects either distance vision or near vision. The younger patients are more interested in refractive cataract surgery. So, they were told to postpone the surgery until the cataracts got really bad. So I think your vision becomes more vital to you in just about every way as you get older. Today, the surgery has gotten much easier; there are far fewer complications and much less fear, and the technology has improved dramatically. Second, the surgery is safer and our overall results are better because of improvements in technology, including the IOLs we implant, our measuring technology and the surgical instrumentation we now use. The patient came back a few days later with infections in both eyes. Presbyopia reminds us of our mortality and interferes with our lifestyle. Lane points out that, ironically, previous LASIK can undermine the advantages of current presbyopia-correcting technology. Your surgeon will create one or two partial thickness incisions in the outer cornea to cause the tissues of the cornea to relax and change shape. But when you look at trends, clearly the trend is toward baby boomers spending more on lifestyle enhancement. We continue to have more products available to us. One little thing wrong and baby boomers want to have it fixed. Speak to your insurance provider about your benefits so you can make the best decision for you. Slade also consults for IntraLase. You have several choices of IOLs to replace your clouded lens. In fact, as more young cataract patients come into our offices, it makes increasing sense to offer these options because this group of individuals has already demonstrated their willingness to pay for procedures.

Cataract surgery and young adults

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