Do asian girls have sideways vaginas

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Organs, the central part of the female reproductive system, vaginal. A video clip with a sideways vagina joke: We didn't even fully know how the clitoris worked until , and even today, many textbooks still misrepresent female sexual anatomy. Probably just extremely horny, actually. Galen, a second-century Greek physician, believed that the body was ruled by "humor" fluids.

Do asian girls have sideways vaginas

Especially when there are still studies and reports of women who are purposely having dry sex to please men. Women can't get pregnant unless they have consensual sex. Absolutely any medical condition a woman had could fall under the "hysterical" label. And while these days, tertiary nipples are usually either removed or mistaken for moles, during the Middle Ages, people thought they had a far more sinister meaning -- one that might result in you and your extra boob-nozzle getting burned at the stake. Fortunately, by the late s, the go-to prescription for hysteria was an orgasm, obtained through a jet of water, a vibrator, or enthusiastic assistance from the doctor himself. They don't use a parallel set of diagrams for European and Asian vaginas. Probably just extremely horny, actually. The rippling effects are especially evident in Thailand, where mass sex tourism was developed to pay off debts. Clearly, his scientific mind was beyond reproach. The problem, however, is that this vaginal myth, along with most other vaginal myths, is simply not grounded in science. Thus, by want of opportunity to put it to the test, the legend of the sideways' vagina is maintained. Comedian Amy Schumer once tried to joke: Maybe they were inspired by the 13th-century British legal text, Fleta , which said that "without a woman's consent she could not conceive," and thus could be used to invalidate a woman's rape accusation if she had become pregnant. The Sideways Vagina , Blackheart Magazine 5. Michelle Eigenheer, a half-Korean woman from Louisville, Kentucky, recalls an experience where her gynecologist — a white woman — switched to a speculum usually reserved for teenagers in the middle of the examination. The cradle of erotica: One page I came across was http: Ah, the power of the Internets! A video clip with a sideways vagina joke: I mean who hasn't heard about vaginas with teeth , but -- sideways vaginas? The belief lived on through 19th century medical books , to misguided politicians today. Ideally, I'd like to cite a source that states that it's theoretically impossible to have a sideways vagina, or that there's no basis in fact to the claim that Asians have sideways vaginas, but maybe biologists think it a claim not worth the effort of debunking. If you loved this article and want more content like this, support our site with a visit to our Contribution Page. Inspired by Oddthinking's suggestion of using Chinese Sex Ed or biology textbooks, I decided to use something slightly more convenient: But another newer avenue where most of these stereotypes continue to explicitly persist? The Japanese and Chinese editions of Wikipedia use the same diagrams for vaginas as those for European languages.

Do asian girls have sideways vaginas

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  1. Organs, the central part of the female reproductive system, vaginal. Wikimedia The myth of the toothed vagina, called vagina dentata , was a legitimate anxiety expressed in cultural folklore everywhere from Russia to Japan to India.

  2. Science shows time and time again that vaginal looseness has no correlation whatsoever with promiscuity.

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