Easiest way to begin sex

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Be careful if you are a virgin and your partner has had it before with others. Plus he can control the depth and speed of penetration that works for them both. Here we will first take a look at the necessary steps that boys need to take and then move on to the girls. But try to remember the principle at least.

Easiest way to begin sex

You Might Also Dig: Also consider waiting on the positions that allow the deepest penetration like legs-over-the-shoulders missionary. Women after all lose their virginity during the first time, and everyone around seems to be saying that the first time is painful. Again there are no defined steps of having sex; it is just you and your physical love. The best way to have sex is by not thinking too much about it, just go with the flow, and you will find that first time sex was good. You must ensure that you are doing a lot of foreplay so that you are lubricated well. First time sex can be a discomforting, and therefore lubrication is of paramount importance. Move sensually—do not just lie there—unless he is really doing a terrible job. Women are emotional beings and therefore for them it is necessary that things take an emotional turn before plunging into the first time sex. Catch your breath and kiss and touch and talk. Foreplay is primary for women for the sake of good sex, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. You will have a bad experience if you are thinking too much about it; you will basically ruin the whole thing. If you are a man, use position changes to stall off ejaculation. Foreplay is essential by all means for both the man and woman. If you skip foreplay you will make things bad, you will turn things extremely uncomfortable if you happen to miss on foreplay, because foreplay is the heart of your sex life. Be safe If you are not in the mood to become a father then you should take care of unwanted pregnancy. If you are really enjoying it, make noises so he keeps doing that. This is her first time at bat, you can get to the fancy stuff later. The key to enjoyable first-time sex is preparation. If you are a woman, get out of your head. No wham-bam in the van. Do not think of anything else, and switch off your phone. For most women the anticipation will get them all worked up in a good way. So take your girlfriend out for a movie or a nice dinner. Talking about and coordinating birth control and safer sex practices so you have less to worry about during the sexual experience Talking about your likes, dislikes and boundaries with your partner Getting riled up through relaxation, touch, dirty talk, fantasy, toys, etc. It gives you a moment to calm down without saying anything. And the key to success is that she is very, very turned on.

Easiest way to begin sex

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