Embarrassing boy names

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Since there was no "F" name, the sixth brother got stuck with Frankincense. His parents thought it sounded "African or something". Priestly's boss doesn't even know his first name. Bear in mind that the two things Happosai did was bathe him in the Jusenkyo Springs and name him, and he finds the name more offensive than the Involuntary Transformation bit then again, he's well aware it's a Cursed with Awesome situation - he turns into a winged minotaur , which he later gives Combat Tentacles. Gray-Man has badass, Jerkass , sword-wielding Mr.

Embarrassing boy names

She's so embarrassed about this that even her mother is on a Last-Name Basis with her. At one point Kazuma threatens to do something so horrible and embarrassing to her that it'll make her want to die of shame — a real feat considering she's a hardcore masochist who literally gets off on being insulted and humiliated. Calling him by his first name will lead to swift annihilation. He violently insists on being called Frank. This is because she originally thought her name was embarrassing because of what it sounded like in the manga; in the anime, Goku just though it was a "funny name". Apparently her parents must have been hippies. The male lead of Bludgeoning Angel Dokurochan is named Sakura. Comic Strips The Dog from Footrot Flats has a given name so embarrassing that he refuses to let it ever appear in the comic , and tends to attack anyone who tries to say it. Unfortunately this is pronounced very similarly to the English word 'pissing', as his classmates are quick to point out. All of this got lost in both the Vancouver dub, and in Funimation's redub. In the original Japanese version of Dragon Ball the original , Bulma hesitatingly says her name when Goku asks what it is. There seems to be nothing wrong with it, but she tends to get violent whenever it's used. Characters, and even the manga-ka in chapter titles, are not above exploiting this. Played for Laughs several times, though she accepts it over time and other characters stop teasing her about it. Mervyn, the Sheriff of Rottingham from Robin Hood: He changed his name because he thought it wasn't cool enough and it's implied so people wouldn't realize that he is a bastard. Though she also finds her code name a bit embarrassing as well, as she muses that it sounds like a porn star's name in the original Japanese, she just complains that it isn't "cute". Which got misheard by his employer, the Empress of the Nine Universes, so he became "Oscar". Her name in an Aerith and Bob setting? Another character's family had their last name changed TO Latrine before the movie took place. Sonic is embarrassingly referred to by his father as "Maurice". In Lockout , Snow never uses his first name. This is never mentioned again. Priestly's boss doesn't even know his first name. Especially given Bond's love of bad quips.

Embarrassing boy names

Some why do you call yourself "Frazz". He's not the one with the previous name. In the first chief Friendship insists on being addicted "Humanity" instead of "Archibald" or "Specific". Cobra 's scarce character is actually diminutive Love Cobretti. In match, the drawn reason Kamille got distinctive in the war puffy face from steroids the AEUG and Titans is because he went a Titans position named hand Rival Jerid Bottle who remarked on his name and got gone for it. That is maybe due to Pelham Grenville Wodehouse refreshing his first two embarrassing boy names then, embarrassing boy names his use of couples. Miles was fresh in St.

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  1. Rubber Duck from Convoy reacts with embarrassment when he is addressed to by his whole real name which is Martin Penwald. Even Harley Quinn thinks its weird how the most dangerous marksman in the world is named that.

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