Emotional needs not being met in marriage

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You and your partner may have different needs for novelty vs. That he doesn't get it at all and it's pointless. That's a no brainer, but even brainy people are out to prove themselves right. The danger with emotional hunger is that it can lead to acting out through use of other methods to try to get needs met, such as using food or drink to fill the void.

Emotional needs not being met in marriage

Don't digress and drag in the old dirty laundry. People with a strong emotional desire for connection in a relationship like to do many things with their partner, big and small. This can be confusing, especially for new partnerships. If you did not understand, let your partner explain it further. Get clear about your own needs for this, because not understanding what true needs are driving the emotional hunger will make it very difficult for you or your partner to meet those needs. For example, one person may have a desire for more physical contact leading to orgasm, while the other partner has a desire for more communication or emotional intimacy through the physical connection. This can become a dangerous situation if not addressed over time as it is fertile ground for one or the other partner to begin to seek satisfaction outside the relationship. Like Laura, many women do not know how to get their needs met in a marriage. I've been her care-taker day and night for the last month and I needed a break. Some people just need more emotional privacy. This is one reason why men often want their women to surprise them with sexy lingerie! A good fight for equality is an active choice, and not a passive more-of-the-same position. I see couples in such a hurry to respond, they don't listen to everything their partners have to say. Then ask if that is what he or she meant. That's only one scenario of numerous marital issues. I asked, "What happened? Raising her voice, Laura explained, "After he got home, I yelled at him and told him he's never thought about my needs in the past and he never will. People with a high need for novelty crave originality, freshness, uniqueness. This is one reason why new love is so much fun! Instead they are in their heads planning their response. We want it all and if we learn how to communicate our needs, we can have it all. It is important to be clear about what need is not being fulfilled. He aptly writes that we have two ears and only one mouth so we should listen at least twice as much as we speak. Then you are at your spouse's mercy and are rendered powerless. They want to be surprised. In this way you enlist your spouse's cooperation.

Emotional needs not being met in marriage

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  1. I see couples in such a hurry to respond, they don't listen to everything their partners have to say.

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