Empress orchid

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She gives birth to the Emperor's first male heir Tung Chih amidst nationwide celebration. Last year, Chinese television aired a hit drama series about the last years of the Qing dynasty, in which viewers were flabbergasted to see Cixi portrayed as "a nice person". Orchid has the great good fortune to bear him a son.

Empress orchid

The weak emperor is unable to defend his empire from the combined strength of the intruding forces and the royal family flees the capital when the enemies approach Peking. Once received into the Forbidden City, however, she is ignored by the emperor - who, after all, has several thousand other consorts to occupy him. The official duty of an Imperial consort is to sleep with the Emperor and produce male heirs, but Orchid has yet to be summoned. As Su Shun had previously expected to gain more power from the death of Hsien Feng without Orchid's interference, tensions between the two increase. Written by a woman, narrated by Cixi herself, the novel turns the last empress into a dignified, discreet sovereign, holding her country together in the face of foreign invasion, dissolute emperors and scheming courtiers. Like that best-selling historical novel, the heroine of Empress Orchid comes down to us with a diabolical reputation -- a woman who seized power through sexual seduction, murder, and endless intrigue. The story might be very rich, but the characters are extremely dull unlike their bright background. The emperor becomes ill as political situations in China worsen. Although Min's book about the last empress of China, which is a fictional story yet based on the real life account of the Empress, is really well layered with custom, culture and culture of the 19th century China, yet somewhere the central character, Empress Orchid, on whim this book is based on, is not at all well developed, rather, she lacks depth. Deeply perturbed, China's rulers - all of them men - soon weighed in to criticise the show's historical heresies. With the death of the Emperor comes a palace coup that ultimately thrusts Orchid into power, although only as regent until her son's maturity. Orchid is eligible because she is Manchu and that her father was the rank of "Blue Bannerman". It is as a minor concubine that the beautiful Tzu Hsi, known as Orchid as a girl, enters the Forbidden City at the age of seventeen. There are lot of layers and multi elements that will keep the readers engaged till the very last page. Last year, Chinese television aired a hit drama series about the last years of the Qing dynasty, in which viewers were flabbergasted to see Cixi portrayed as "a nice person". Hsien Feng disintegrates under the nervous strain, forcing Cixi to educate herself in government. But the tide of opinion now seems to be turning for the last empress. She is chosen as the Imperial consort of the fourth rank. Beyond the palace walls, meanwhile, China is being torn apart by western invaders and domestic rebellion. However, after the birth of his son Emperor Hsien Feng begins to lose interest in Orchid. His family travel to his birthplace Peking with his coffin for burial. Immediately after Cixi enters the palace, the empress dowager takes her on an educational visit to see a legless, armless concubine stored in a jar, whose limbs she removed as punishment for monopolising the emperor. Empress Orchid is a further, feminist step on the road to her rehabilitation. Once in Peking, they move in with a distant uncle and his mentally retarded and opium addicted son Ping also known as 'Bottle'. During her time as the favourite, Orchid learns more about the current history of China, and the inner workings of the Forbidden City.

Empress orchid

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  1. So to save the Forbidden city as well as her 5-year old son, who is not of age to rule a kingdom, Empress Orchid takes over the throne, and like they have forever criticized that she became the reason of downfall of the Chinese kingdom in the hands of the European invaders and rulers, this book tells the truth behind her downfall. Her tactic works and she soon becomes the Emperor's favourite consort.

  2. A maid sent to spy on Cixi is beaten to death; when the empress protests, her chief eunuch shrugs: Once there, she wins the jaded and impotent emperor's affections through a combination of plucky outspokenness and sexual wiles, and soon falls pregnant.

  3. Orchid knows that her new position does not guarantee her safety as she is still restricted by the actions of Su Shun. Her official title is Lady of the Greatest Virtue.

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