Ewan mcgregor aroused during sex scene

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In talking about their past, they also discover that, nearly fifty years before, they had met romantically at that spot and that is why they both kept coming back. But in this respect we had a very enclosed area of Hampstead Heath, so there were no worries about that kind of thing. Was that part of the appeal — because it gave you an opportunity to act? I think the themes are quite particular to a gay couple — the idea of fidelity or infidelity has been part of the relationship. If you want to work on good stuff, I think the worst thing you can do is set yourself up any kind of limits.

Ewan mcgregor aroused during sex scene

We have too many films sitting on shelves that are never going to be seen. You were on stage in the West End production of Guys and Dolls at the time you made this film. I just wanted to play it as a scene between two people. They are bemused by the irony of meeting again, and have mixed feelings as they no longer represent an idealised partner in each other's minds. At the time I was in Guys and Dolls for six months, so in many respects I had all the time in the world. However, seconds later Billy runs off in pursuit of an attractive man who passed them. It should be really nice — same team: Because in our experience, 12 or 13 pages of dialogue in two days is quite a tall order. There are as many different types of gay men as there are straight men, you know. So there will be areas where we might need them. To embarrass Jamie and expose him as a liar, she then approaches Sophie to question her about the book as well. With your busy schedule, it must have been easier to do a short shoot like this? How was the transition from stage to screen? In fact, to increase the budget, Ed Blum , the director, re-mortgaged his flat. Billy promises to give up casual sex when the two adopt children, which convinces Brian to think about it. They stumble over modern terminology for ethnic minorities and not being, or appearing to be, racist. Can you tell us a little bit about your role in Miss Potter? I just rode round France and came home and it was fairly boring [laughs]. They discover that they both come to the same bench on different days of the week. Noel re-appears in the film several times as he chances upon other characters. Louis presents Esther with tickets for a holiday in Barbados. The two are on a blind date together — Julia's first. They seem to be getting along well until Julia's attention is briefly drawn towards Louis, who passes them. The only way to create a healthier British film industry is to make more films and have them seen. His weird behaviour interests her and they strike up a conversation, but she becomes annoyed with him. And it was such a great scene to play because it was such a lovely piece of writing. We had privacy and we were able to just play the scene.

Ewan mcgregor aroused during sex scene

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  1. She asks to be left alone, but he sits next to her and appears to meditate. I was just trying to play the scene, really.

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