Feelings of betrayal

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Retaliation is a bit like picking a scab: You are whatever you give out to the world, not what somebody does to you. Understand their actions that led to betrayal come from a pain place. I know that this sounds simplistic.

Feelings of betrayal

It could be made up of as little as one person or as many as If they would do this to you, they are not worthy of you. Trust in yourself — believe in yourself — never let someone else define who you are. Keeping it small, you bring the focus back to you. We must work as hard as you can to go on with our lives. You cannot change what someone has done to you. Acting out could be drinking, smoking, oversleeping, reckless behavior, crying all the time or being mute. Acknowledge it for what it is. Shame — you may blame yourself and feel ashamed by what has happened and how others may now see and treat you. Take action and deal with physical world reality issues if applicable. Now this sounds easy huh? Sulking is when you are in a mood of sorts and usually resort to silence. Rise above it, nothing that somebody else has done, can possibly destroy you. What we do because of feelings can be wrong or bad, but that is a choice. It might make you feel better, for a very short time. Yes betrayal is painful. These range from anger to depression, hurt and wanting to avenge oneself. What damage control needs to be done? Just like a wound that takes the time to heal, so too with betrayal. They put you in a position of disbelief, hurt, pain and confusion. Resist this temptation because it only creates negative energy inside of you. You might try to reason how you deserve this, after all you would never do this to somebody? We can be part of other people's lessons and on some level agreed to serve them in terms of our participation. He did the right thing and was punished for it. Betrayal can be caused by: Our learning in it is simply how we are with ourselves through the process. Hope these tips help.

Feelings of betrayal

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  1. Someone has purposefully put you in the line of fire and let you get shot. There is a way to bring lightness to this seemingly heavy experience.

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