Funeral viewing attire

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July 18, LaMont Jones, Jr. Like your suit, your shirt and tie don't have to be black, and while your shirt may range in color from white to blue to gray, it's best to choose a tie that is dark and subdued. Jones is a inductee into the Pittsburgh Fashion Hall of Fame and coaches fashion models. Attire for funeral home visitation should be conservative and polished.

Funeral viewing attire

For boys, a necktie with dress pants, if not a jacket, are in order. But with some planning and understanding of the occasion, you can show up to pay your respects looking tasteful and appropriate. The bereaved are trying to stay somewhat upbeat as they greet seemingly countless well-wishers. Although you may offer support through kind words and flowers, you're also showing solidarity through your choice to dress appropriately. This is a time to teach them appropriate attire, not allow them to wear whatever they please because of their youth. Choose dressier shoes for children rather than sneakers. Video of the Day Suits Although a jacket is not required for visitation, it certainly is not over-dressing. Save monochromatic black for the funeral. Dressing in black or gray is the best choice, according to fashion expert Clinton Kelly. Jeans can be a close call. Suit Color Men don't have to clad themselves in black from head to toe during funeral events, but this color remains commonplace at funerals and viewings. Dressier footwear is preferable to casual and athletic shoes; closed-toe pumps for women are a discreet choice. Work uniforms are inappropriate, as well, and should not be worn unless they are clean and it was impossible for you to change clothes. Dark blue, charcoal, dark gray and dark brown are suitable colors for a jacket and pants. Attire for funeral home visitation should be conservative and polished. Avoid ties with overly flashy patterns or those that feature brash elements such as your favorite sports team's logo or a cartoon character. Children It matters what kids wear. While tradition holds that you should dress up and wear black to a funeral, it can be trickier deciding what to don for the funeral home wake. For girls, a dress -- or skirt with a blouse or sweater -- are appropriate looks. Shirt and Tie Wear a dress shirt and tie with your suit to project a respectful appearance. If you don't want to wear a black suit, opt for a dark or conservative color. Pair them with a dress shirt or blouse and a jacket, or a sweater and necktie, for a polished look. A skirt suit or pant suit for women and a suit, sport coat or blazer for men are appropriate options. Jones is a inductee into the Pittsburgh Fashion Hall of Fame and coaches fashion models. LaMont Jones was an award-winning fashion and beauty editor for a decade at the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. For men, dressing for a funeral viewing or any standard funeral-related event isn't an opportunity to express yourself through your attire; it's a time to carefully select a conservative outfit that shows respect.

Funeral viewing attire

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