Funny things that go together

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You can't have 'The Two Ronnies' unless, well, there are two of them! What would they do without each other? Did you know that peanuts feature heavily in our malnutrition work?

Funny things that go together

Peanut butter and jam Peanut butter and jam are both divine individually. Bangers and mash While we're on the subject of potatoes, sausage and mashed potato, with lashings of gravy. We will, however, be buying a piglet from our online gift shop that can help a family in need for someone this Christmas! Bucket and spade While you can do quite a lot with just a bucket and just a spade, beach trips would never be quite the same, would they? There's nothing quite like spooning some crunchy nut butter from the jar. Sweet and salty The revolutionary popcorn flavour that has changed snack time forever. Hmmm, lovely British comfort food. Tom and Jerry They've loved to hate each other for 47 years. Here is the official statement on KermitTheFrog and moi's relationship termination: Would you Adam and Eve it? Knowledge and power Not naming names, or pointing fingers, but we can all think of people who could have done with a bit more knowledge before they gained power. A match made in foodie heaven. Why are sausages called bangers? Nuts and bolts Getting down to the nuts and bolts of it, it's pretty useless to have a nut without a bolt, or one of each that don't fit each other. Bat and ball Welcome to the world's worst game of rounders where there is only a bat and no ball. The global challenges of conflict and climate change are having a devastating impact across the world. Dizzy doesn't even cut it. Every gift received before 17 December will be matched pound for pound by the UK government at no extra cost to you, so you will help even more children affected by conflict and climate change. Pen and paper With the pen being mightier than the sword, it isn't much use without paper! And let's face it, a thank you note or love letter is much more touching received on paper, handwritten in ink, rather than received by text or email. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers The iconic dance partners who have made audiences over many decades wish they could tap dance. The increase in the number of conflicts and extreme climate events such as drought and flooding means that millions of vulnerable people experience fear, uncertainty and violence every day. What would they do without each other? This means you will help more families and children get the food and care they need to survive and enable them to reach their full potential. Apples and pears Cockney rhyming slang originated in the midth century in the East End of London. Bill and Ben Even if you didn't grow up watching them, you know they're the flowerpot men. Because of sausages' tendancy to split open with a BANG whilst frying.

Funny things that go together

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  1. Left and right Imagine the pain and annoyance of only being able to turn one way? Bangers and mash is also cockney rhyming slang for cash, and that takes us down a whole other line of pairs.

  2. And can you even imagine one without the other? Knowledge and power Not naming names, or pointing fingers, but we can all think of people who could have done with a bit more knowledge before they gained power.

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