Gay seamen

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Yes, but not that much, partly because some GBT men: And I thought, well, I am, and I can be anything I want to be now. Picture courtesy of Hull Daily Mail. Women crew, and Chinese and Asian male crew, are hardly recognised.

Gay seamen

We gays had to be…. They awarded him with their official red beret, which he put on his glitter-filled hair. But they, like the other veterans, are proud of their medals. The Sun searches for Wendy. Justice needs to be done. The Hidden History of Homosexuality at Sea. In fact, never had Britain gone to war in such high style. No self-respecting marine goes anywhere without at least one sticky-out dress. The Sun newspaper, hardly an LGBT-friendly tabloid, even mounted a search for him on their behalf so that he could attend the 25th anniversary celebrations at Aldershot in They also sailed for the adventure or even for Maggie Thatcher a camp icon and the principle of Falklands Islands sovereignty. In that nosy community their mates would have jeered. The presence of queer, indeed high camp, seafarers on the troop carriers has been written out. Troops saw that camp men were totally accepted, and indeed that campery was unremarkable. Being on such ships was an immersion course in gay culture. Hull Daily Mail Is this what the public imagine men were saying, as we hear all the patriotic razzmatazz about British ships full of military men bristling with weaponry steaming around the South Atlantic to attack Argentineans? So did their usual crews, who volunteered. At least one incident of gay bashing occurred. Pictures courtesy of Wendy. GBT men volunteered to go stayed with their ships despite being giving the chance to fly home at Ascension Island remained in a war zone, not moaning despite the danger from Argentinean planes and the horrors of burning ships sinking all around them gave blood — frequently — to augment supplies for the wounded. This article, and the interviews I conducted to help retrieve these lost stories, are part of a still-small revisionist move to tell the fuller story of these much-mythologized events that happened so far away one summer 30 years ago. You see, we do live — and we can learn. Yes, but not that much, partly because some GBT men: Stewards — being helpful characters — obliged in some cases. No, to contain their frocks, wigs and cosmetic bags. Other camp men were proud of being visibly hyper-masculine, in at least some ways. And someone should certainly do a thesis about this.

Gay seamen

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