Giant hawaiian cane spider wiki

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However, if sufficiently provoked the spider can bite and though rare, can inject venom. Hairy legs from the side Close-up of body See something wrong? This is the size of a tuna fish can! Cane spiders are only about an inch long, with a leg span that reaches up to 5 inches wide:

Giant hawaiian cane spider wiki

The spider we have pictured on this page indeed came into the home where it disappeared into the bathroom only to reappear a number of times. In about three weeks, the mother tears open the egg sac and pale baby spiders emerge. This is the size of a tuna fish can! Cane Spiders will often find their way into houses. They do not produce enough venom to be dangerous to humans, but a headache may result. The largest known spider species have a legspan of no more than about 12 inches and in repose will generally fit into the hand of an adult human male. Just about any insect is fair game for this spider, including cockroaches and silverfish. Physical Description Cane spiders are large, flat-bodied arachnids with two rows of eyes and long, hairy legs. Distribution and habitat[ edit ] The giant huntsman spider is found in Laos , [3] and is probably a cave dweller because of its pale colour, long legs and special hairs on the second foot of the male. Indeed, 4-wheeling through any abandoned cane field can result in a number of uninvited cane spiders attached to your vehicle. The artist who concocted the image of the seemingly giant spider shown above, Paul Santa Maria , sent us a copy of the original photograph of a wolf spider that he used in creating it: Their flat bodies fit in tiny cracks, enabling them to find their way into homes, heated garages, outbuildings and greenhouses to keep warm. Hairy legs from the side Close-up of body See something wrong? She carries her egg sac under her body, causing her to be mostly immobile. This page is named 'Animals. The mother spider stays with the babies for several weeks after they hatch. The legs have wide dark bands before the first bend. They frequent sugar cane fields, avocado and banana groves and forests, hiding in tree holes and under bark. Usually the size of a can of tuna fish, this spider has a huge body and thick hairy legs. Their bites are small but painful. This same image has made the online rounds several times, variously described as picturing a Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider, an Angolan Witch spider so large that it eats cats and dogs and requires several bullets to kill , and a Columbian Diablo spider. Cane Spiders are very reluctant to bite and prefer to run instead of defend. No such giant spider exists, however; this image is just another digital fabrication. First, when the toilet paper dispenser was rotated the spider dashed out - whoa. Although cane spiders do inhabit Hawaii and other parts of the U. They're found in subtropical climates, and may have came to the U.

Giant hawaiian cane spider wiki

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  1. Male cane spiders have pale patches behind their eyes and longer legs than females, while females have larger abdomens. Description[ edit ] The coloration is yellowish-brown with several irregularly distributed dark spots on the rear half.

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