Gorean slave

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Genocide, extinction, rape, and bloody wars have been fought and utilized in the name of slavery, whether some of its participants were willing to accept this truth or not. To be a below-deck girl is a derogatory statement. Many who study and follow the Gorean morality do not own slaves.

Gorean slave

Commands which do not result in static body postures Position Description "Slave Lips" When this command is given, the kajira turns her head up to the Master, her lips pursed in a sensual kissing position. They may be virgins, and are commonly belted; but not necessarily so on either count. In some on-line Gorean fan-art, a kajira is shown kneeling with her torso forward above her knees, instead of back on her heels. Also, if a kajira is handing over a whip or other long narrow object, it is held so that the backs of her hands and wrists are upward; this recalls the submission position with wrists crossed , even when her wrists are not crossed. Slaves cannot build or create anything used as infrastructure, architecture, or engineering as this is the purview of the Free. Legally, slaves are considered property, regardless of their type, position, or value to their Owner s. Those of the "High" caste represent the local city or town council, and their leaders form the basis for the local government. On Gor, male dominance is a generality, not an absolute. Bosk of Port Kar had a slave he made do his books and act as a scribe in the books, however this was an exception and even seen as odd in his own household -also he was still thinking like a a man of Earth instead of a Gorean. The girl is commonly illiterate. To be sure, this can differ from master to master. Gorean slavery is something that cannot be truly explained without experiencing it for oneself. Woven between the simplicity that it just exists and everyone accepts it openly, readily, and willingly, is the reality that slavery holds such deeply emotional, metaphysical, and spiritually profound basis within Gor. Brand are often placed on the outer thigh, left or right, of a girl and are usually the first marking one views when studying a potential slave for purchase. Also, whenever a kajira first encounters a free man in various contexts such as when her owner re-enters the house, or she is addressed by a man in the street, etc. In modern times, people see it as a horrific, ugly, disgusting act that destroys people. Removing or defacing a brand is an arduous, dangerous, even deadly prospect despite the medical advances amongst the Gorean. An Owner has strict and absolute control over their slaves, including their very right to existence. A kajira who works as a prostitute and masseuse in a bathhouse. Bracelet check In response to this command, the kajira turns to face away from the master, and lifts her hands and arms behind her, so that the master may easily check that slave bracelets connected by a short length of chain are securely locked on her wrists. In Gor, Men are often too strong for women to overcome and thus, even if you were to fight back, it would likely not be as effective as it might be on Earth. Any rights they are given can be easily taken away and never returned. She also holds her hands behind the small of her back, with her wrists about two inches apart, in a position to be locked into chained slave bracelets. This is also known as "the position of the slave girl who is to be punished". If her feet are together, then her knees are slightly bent and presumably her toes turned out, to help in holding the position. Caste The Gorean's occupation is formed and informed by their caste. If her hands are not occupied with some task, then typically they rest loosely in front, with wrists crossed as if for binding.

Gorean slave

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