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Late Bloom joins a number of other bands such as G. Just imagine the controversy if a female celebrity who isn't "crazy" like Madonna went on a talk show sporting a halter top and lusciously fuzzy underarms: They said that promoters have treated them as an afterthought on lineups and even asked to rearrange their schedules to accommodate all-male bands.


You're okay if you go last? Now, their events are gaining momentum as other women-led, queer, and trans punk and hardcore bands gain prominence across the country. Right in line with the way punk has been a vehicle for social movements of past decades — take the feminist riot grrrl movement of the Nineties, for example — Hairy Pits is a way of giving weight to those excluded from the traditional punk narrative. But with their upcoming mini-festival, Hairy Pits — which takes place at Thrillhouse Records on October 29 — the bandmates are creating a space for like-minded queer, trans, and feminist punk bands to perform. You just kind of take it in stride, you know. The only thing these comments prove, is that women with body hair will always get called gross, that women should never dare show a spark of individuality or resistance to normalized body standards even the most famous, creative, and whitest ones , and that sexism is alive and well. In a phone interview, Hernandez described the two as "sad — but also, like, a little bit angry — brown girls who don't stereotypically fit into the punk scene. Its members, Ruby Perez and Cinthya Hernandez, both play drums and guitar and often switch instruments mid-show. So if you feel so inclined, grow that hair! They said that promoters have treated them as an afterthought on lineups and even asked to rearrange their schedules to accommodate all-male bands. During these troubling political times, independent feminist media is more vital than ever. Even a well-respected individual such as Cameron Diaz has to "encourage" not shaving pubic hair because putting a razor to the ol' cooch comes so naturally! February 14th by Pumpkin "We're always [at shows] on time; we make sure to get things organized," said Perez. Strangers often approach them with condescending, unsolicited advice like that they should get a bassist, for example — something they say their male peers rarely have to deal with. Since this is the first edition of Hairy Pits on this large of a scale, Davis was a bit nervous when we spoke on the phone. For me, that's amazing. And also just have fun. Uhm, gross and no thank you. You're playing for people who understand you and where you're coming from. They've faced a number of challenges in expanding Hairy Pits while making sure the event stays true to its values, such as finding an all-ages venue that can accommodate the performers Thrillhouse is a record store and ensuring that everyone in the audience feels respected in the space. Whatever that looks like is fine with me. Perez continued, "As a woman, you're always hyper-aware of your surroundings. Are The Winners Always Losers? For Pumpkin's Hernandez, her favorite part of performing is how it shows as a "public display of how much I love my best friend. But the last thing that should make Madonna unlikable is her body hair. Pumpkin recently began playing shows at established venues such as The Knockout in San Francisco and the duo plans on releasing its first album this winter.


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  1. Thrillhouse Records Mission St. Punk band Late Bloom is throwing Hairy Pits to celebrate queer and feminist punk.

  2. So, it's nice to get in there and challenge it and represent our freak friends," Em, the band's drummer, said in a phone interview.

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