Heart breakng quotes

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The best way to mend a broken heart is time and girlfriends. Well, the tears are starting to slow down now, but the pain, however, remains constant. Apologies don't fix broken hearts. I said over and over to everyone that I was over you.

Heart breakng quotes

Not everyone is meant to be a long-term thing. But every time my phone vibrates. I still love you. I don't even know what to feel anymore, I know I love you with everything I have, but how much pain do I have to take before you feel the same way? The best way to mend a broken heart is time and girlfriends. Love hurts, love scars and love wounds, any heart not tough or strong enough to take a lot of pain. I don't understand why destiny allowed some people to meet when there's no way for them to be together. Some people will always stay in your heart, even if you're gone from theirs. I still love you, that's a fact. Love is the hardest habit to break, and the most difficult to satisfy. Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again. The sad thing is, it doesn't last long. You are the only thing it would hurt to lose. Is wondering how to get over someone when they live next door to you. People say follow your heart, but when your heart is split in half which half do you follow? Aaj roone ko dil karta hai, sab bhool jane ko dil karta hai, ye dunia sataati hai uske naam se, tabhi to naam o nishaan mitaane ko dil karta hai. Apologies don't fix broken hearts. You treat me like shit for no reason, yet I'm still in love with you. No one can hurt you that way. The most difficult part of letting someone go is we cannot change what we have become because of them. Anger is our natural defense against pain. I wish I could just get up and walk away, and not look back and leave everything and everyone behind me that has hurt me or caused me heartache and pain. The more you show your feelings, the more people can find ways to hurt you. I have so many choices and decisions running through my head and heart but have no idea on what to do. I said I am over you. Getting angry is punishing yourself for the mistakes of others.

Heart breakng quotes

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  1. Is wondering how to get over someone when they live next door to you. It's better to be lonely than to make silent sacrifices for those who are never going to notice your feelings.

  2. Sometimes breakups aren't meant for makeups, at times they are meant for wake-ups. Have you ever wanted to tell someone so badly how you felt about them but you were afraid it might destroy what you already have?

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