How does tinder get your location

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You have to find out where Steve is going. These are the three ways to change your location on Tinder that we know of. Make sure Wi-Fi and mobile data is turned off on your device.

How does tinder get your location

You can get close-ish, but no cigar-ish. Got any others that work? The app is definitely a little hit and miss. Please do let yourself know if you have any questions or find any mistakes. Make sure Wi-Fi and mobile data is turned off on your device. Published a few times a month. Change the Search Distance to a different range to force Tinder to reacquire your location. Restarting the app generally forces it to find people eventually. The library is pitch black apart from the green glow of the photocopier. The circles sometimes come tantalizingly close to intersecting, but are more often unable to reach any useful consensus about where Wilson is. Share them with us below! You leap into action. Here are the basic techniques for changing your Tinder location. It means that Tinder will always return the same distance if a target is located anywhere within a given grid square. This can be a significant benefit to your visibility and is a largely unknown bonus to using Passport. When the issue was discovered, Tinder denied the possibility that it was either avoidable or bad. Tinder now only ever sends your phone distances that are pre-rounded, in miles, with zero decimal places of precision. Nonetheless, this all adds up to Tinder being secure - in this very specific respect - and you being screwed. Everywhere for Tinder is also a little hit and miss. On Friday afternoon, Steve Steveington and his weird grimace sneak out once again to commit various deeds in undisclosed locations. But you could then start shuffling north, pixel-by-pixel, with each step asking Tinder again how far away your target is. You sadly but diligently clean up after yourself. And this means that Tinder knows exactly where Steve is going. If you have trouble with this, you can download an older version of the Tinder app and use that. Amongst other things, this means that Tinder often returns distances that are a little bit wrong.

How does tinder get your location

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  1. Maybe Tinder is doing something more elaborate than calculating exact distances and rounding then.

  2. Open the Settings menu on your Android device. After fifteen minutes of deep breathing and even deeper thought, you hatch the beginnings of a plan to resuscitate the Tinder trilateration exploit and work out where the Stevenator is going.

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