How to avoid scaring

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Normal scars are relatively thin, small, and flat. They come from an overproduction of collagen and can be treated by injecting steroid medication into the affected area. Email Scars are mainly collagen, a protein that's found in the second layer of your skin. You know how sometimes when you lightly run your fingers over your skin, you can feel your scars?

How to avoid scaring

While scars from surgery or over joints like the knees and elbows are hard to avoid, scars caused by minor cuts and scrapes can become less noticeable by properly treating the wound at home. Also, the wound may start to partially heal, which can hinder successful suturing. Healing takes time — possibly a long time. Keep in mind that stitches must be sewn as soon as possible, while the injury is fresh. They come from an overproduction of collagen and can be treated by injecting steroid medication into the affected area. This can speed healing and minimize scarring, says Krant. The appearance of a scar often depends on how well the wound heals. The bad news is that while the solution cleans, it also destroys new skin cells that immediately begin to grow when you hurt yourself. Please enter a valid email address Sign up Oops! When you suffer any cut or scrape that's beyond superficial, you cut down to this second layer, exposing the collagen, which is then allowed to come to the skin's surface. If in doubt about whether stitches are in order , see a doctor in a timely manner and let him decide the best treatment for the wound. Hypertrophic scars are red, thick, and raised. No matter how careful we are, accidents happen. Ask your doctor what's right for you. Who doesn't love those little bubbles that froth up over a cut when it's swabbed with hydrogen peroxide? To make matters worse, about one-third of people will develop an allergic reaction to vitamin E. There are lots of other products for sale that promise to lighten or prevent scars, however, no studies show that they are effective. There are new treatments out there, and specific laser treatments are especially designed to treat certain scars. For large scrapes, sores, burns or persistent redness, it may be helpful to use hydrogel or silicone gel sheets. Vaccariello said she had been told her entire life that vitamin E prompted healing, but more recent studies show that it, like hydrogen peroxide, actually impairs healing. As long as the wound is cleaned daily, it is not necessary to use anti-bacterial ointments. Keloid scars are also raised, often dark or red, and, unlike hypertrophic scars, expand beyond the contours of the actual wound. The answer is - go with the Band-Aid. Apply sunscreen to the wound after it has healed. One lotion to try is Mederma. If you have skin that is sensitive to adhesives, try a non-adhesive gauze pad with paper tape.

How to avoid scaring

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  1. However, if your injury is deep, very painful or if your skin becomes infected, seek immediate medical care.

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