How to deal with a man with intimacy issues

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We should be open to working on ourselves and evolving psychologically so that we can express our feelings in a way that is mature and independent of wounds from our past. Perhaps you reacted by ignoring them when they finally tried to get in touch a few weeks later, and now, ages later, are still wondering what happened. As psychologist and author, Dr.

How to deal with a man with intimacy issues

We can each learn where our critical self-images came from and why it threatens us to have them contradicted by someone who loves us. Intimacy-phobics can be experts at asking just the right questions to keep you talking about yourself. Seeing a therapist can be very helpful in uncovering why each of us is sensitive to certain triggers. Did they have a manipulative parent who left them feeling untrusting? Her popular blog www. Our personal limitations and insecurities are regularly acted out in our closest relationships. A good exercise is to look at what our partner does that we dislike the most, then think about what we do right before that. For example, when our partner pulls back, how do we respond? Even if they deflect and try to bring the conversation back to you, gently ask again. Our distressed behaviors may make our partner more critical, perceiving us as weak or clingy, and they may then pull back further. Too often, we build a case against the people we are involved with. Look beyond their strong opinions. Intimacy-phobics are prone to suddenly pulling back just at the point a person who is comfortable with intimacy leans in. Staying vulnerable, open and compassionate toward our partner can make them feel safe and allow them to take a chance on being close. Naturally, this too will leave us estranged and emotionally distant from each other. The secret of dealing with the intimacy-phobic person is never to over-promise anything, but to point out that the positive rewards of a good relationship are worth the risk. Do we ever draw them out or just let them vent? There is a good chance that you simply became involved with a person who suffers from fear of intimacy. We can develop our compassion for each other. As a therapist, I often hear couples complain that whenever one partner tries to get close, the other pulls away. All that an intimacy-phobic person requires is a bit of patience and understanding. We should seek to better understand, and develop more compassion for, our partners and ourselves. Many people have developed defenses that make them intolerant of too much love, attention or affection. We control our own behavior. Passionate about de-stigmatising counselling and making emotional health a positive mainstream topic, Sheri is a looked-to expert on well-being and psychotherapy who has appeared in such media outlets as the Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Financial Times, BBC News and Bloomberg TV. Why not ask them if they are needing some time to themselves, and give them a chance to respond? If someone appears well put together and strong, then nobody bothers looking deeply at them and seeing their vulnerability and flaws.

How to deal with a man with intimacy issues

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  1. Their real selves will be the one where they are feeling relaxed, when they might even present totally opposite opinions.

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