How to seduce a scorpio man

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To catch his attention tell him a secret you have never told anyone. He likes a challenge and, even though he fears the loss of control, he will give it up once he is under your spell. Be Independent Scorpios themselves are very independent, self-sufficient and accomplished, and look out for women having similar traits.

How to seduce a scorpio man

They often clash and they also have a lot of fights with air signs. A woman who is supposed to have sex with a Scorpio man should be ready for some seriously hot stuff. And finally, be prepared for an adventure ride with your Scorpio man! The intense sensuality of this sign, ruled by Pluto, means he likes to be in charge at all times. They are beings who cannot differentiate trust on one side and lust on the other. Read our review for secret seduction techniques Scorpio men also enjoy the thrill of the chase. Eye contact is important to him so make and maintain lingering, soulful eye contact to really get his attention. Wear clothes which leave something to the imagination. He is very turned on by the idea that you are sharing intimate secrets with him. Therefore, do not ever play games of jealousy with him. Do not be afraid to assert yourself, but know the difference between being strong and being controlling. Once in love, the Scorpio man will definitely be very supportive of your dreams and will also help you fulfill it. If you try to be too easily available, they lose interest altogether. AstrologyBay Staff Last Updated: Know what you need and like and make it clear to him that you have plans for him. If you can successfully ignite his curiosity then you are half way there to getting him to chase you , which will certainly be half the battle! Following are some hints that will be helpful to you. Be Yourself A Scorpio man goes where others fear to tread. However, Scorpio men tend to be private. A Scorpio man is often found in a monogamous relationship as he is very loyal to his partner and expects the same from her. Give him a few hints about the secrets that lurk in your substantial and complicated soul and he will be yours to play with as you will. What to wear to seduce a Scorpio man Scorpio men are very experimental and imaginative while making love. To skillfully seduce a Scorpio, a woman must come up with new and exciting things herself. Be Mysterious A Scorpio man is open emotionally, but he has the surprising depth to his character. Scorpio men have an endless sex drive. To seduce a Scorpio man, first, you need to win him over completely and to do that you need to be truthful and loyal in the relationship. Be Genuine Now, the first and the foremost thing that you should remember is to only try to use these tips if you are really serious about this guy.

How to seduce a scorpio man

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  1. Try different positions every time, wear different lingerie every time and excite and tease him to the maximum while in bed.

  2. However, if you take the right approach, your seduction efforts should be successful. Instead of asking him personal questions, you could ask him about his interests or passions.

  3. Eye contact is important to him so make and maintain lingering, soulful eye contact to really get his attention.

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