International mxt military

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Vehicle is available with regular, extended and crew cab versions. This tactical vehicle is intended for border patrols, reconnaissance missions and logistic operations. All variants will be powered by hp MaxxForce D 6. In it was adopted by the British Army for service in Afghanistan as the Husky.

International mxt military

Bringing the truck to a halt are four-channel ABS hydraulic brakes. A contract for vehicles was signed in April , and a September follow-on contract brought the total to vehicles. Its crew cab rides on an airbag suspension system that isolates the cab's movements from those of the chassis. The one caveat is the turning radius--it reminds us of a line from an old country song: When we did a decibel test by revving the diesel in neutral to rpm, the thumping bass miraculously stopped. Unarmored version can carry nearly 2 kg. All variants will be powered by hp MaxxForce D 6. Vehicle is fitted with a self-recovery winch as standard. Then the coup de grace: The vehicles will now form the backbone of patrol capabilities for Army … Husky, Mastiff and Ridgback will be issued to protected mobility infantry battalions, combat support and combat service support units. Pulling up to a stoplight in Barrie near Toronto, Canada , the MXT slid in alongside a tinny-sounding racer wannabe piloted by a driver who felt the need to share his thumping bass with the rest of the community. On the other hand, larger Mine Resistant Ambush Protected MRAP vehicles may have issues with lighter bridges, or with certain kinds of terrain due to their greater weight and higher center of gravity. Its carbon-fiber power-dome hood sports a two-tone color scheme and chrome accents on the front and rear bumpers, tow hooks, and steps, and the combination is beautiful. His eye line was about even with the truck's runningboard. The vehicles will be used for a variety of roles, including light transport of food, water and ammunition; acting as a command vehicle at headquarters; and protected ambulances. However later vehicle was modified to suit military needs. The MoD also announces that the British firm Dytecna in Malvern will carry out specified vehicle modifications upon arrival, and install various electronic and communication systems. Contracts and Key Events Husky click to view full December Even the fuel-filler cap is chromed and embossed with the warning: Still, there are benefits that make up for the need to make wide turns. The military version was introduced in It is coupled with Allison 5-speed automatic transmission. Inside, it carries five in upgraded, air-conditioned comfort. Armored version provides protection against small arms fire, artillery shell splinters and IEDs. It was designed in cooperation with Plasan Sasa. This vehicle can be airlifted by the C Hercules military transport.

International mxt military

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