Kirks women

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The person appearing to be Kirk then declares that Janice Lester has taken the place of Captain Kirk, and begins to strangle the person appearing to be Lester. Isn't this supposed to be the 24th century? Lester has now achieved her lifelong goal of commanding a starship. Kirk on Odona both were on board an empty Enterprise and eventually kissed. We now have our, maybe, third time in 43 episodes.

Kirks women

Would Captain Janeway have given Jake the same advice his dad did, that it's just a different culture and he has to accept it? We are now up to six possible, with four confirmed. However, she wasn't your normal woman, so oddly enough, she didn't return his kiss back. She was a strong and vocal pacifist. Or just took the flowerpot class. That makes seven possible, four confirmed. So, in a way, this was one of Kirk's most narcissistic love interests. To demonstrate that she was merely a machine and unable to feel emotions, Korby ordered her to kiss and then strike Captain Kirk. Malin sees the episode as a reactionary response to the radical feminism of the late s. Sure, put him in a one-on-one scenario with a giant lizard monster and he'll attack with a cannon made of rocks and dirt, but one-on-one with a lady? So, although it is unlikely: The tragedy of this is supposed to be that she's become Picard's perfect mate, and they'll never see each other again unless you count the X-Men movies , instead of the fact that she's doomed to a life of servitude and boredom, because it's not really about her. We'll count this one as confirmed just for argument's sake that makes two out of a possible four so far "The Paradise Syndrome" Well, Miramanee was pregnant, so that pretty much ends that discussion. As is so often the case around William Shatner , however, these feelings caused her to literally short circuit. Although there was time for them to do so, there was no indication that they truly did make love at any point, though. Kirk in the process. So seeing that we are talking about an alternate version of Kirk co-existing alongside the Original Kirk, this does not count as a home run for Kirk But simply a 1st base kissing. Kirk has dated a lot of women, but Carol Marcus is the one that got away. Ruth no last name, played by Shirley Bonne Dr. Captain Kirk used his interplanetary charm to get the info he needed out Gillian, but her inquisitive spirit won her a ticket to the 23rd century. Carol Marcus While Kirk was shacked up with Miramanee , however, we now know that, halfway across the galaxy, a previous love affair of his had indeed sired him a son. But despite her smile and proclivity to be photographed at Dutch angles, Kirk's relationship with her didn't last long — and that's in either time phase. Odona Odona was the daughter of Ambassador Hodin of the planet Gideon. Somehow when Kirk says it, it sounds legit. She does wear the requisite s female guest star outfit, but that's not what puts her on this list.

Kirks women

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  1. And then she becomes the coolest woman in the galaxy by imprinting on Picard. This was true love, kids.

  2. One was positive and the other one was negative evil. She does wear the requisite s female guest star outfit, but that's not what puts her on this list.

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