Lapdance for your boyfriend

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Do whatever you know will turn him on the most. It's really important to keep your back arched and upright. Their body should say, "Hey, come dance on me. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 29 Question I am a boy and this seems a little weird. Gently move your free hand up and down like you're riding a bull in slow-motion.

Lapdance for your boyfriend

Move your hands from the air to your breasts and then down to your sides as you do this. Try nibbling on his earlobe or kissing his neck. Glide your hand up the straight leg and raise your head over the corresponding shoulder to look back at him. Stand in front of them with your chest leaning towards their face and your butt slightly out, and slowly lower yourself onto their lap. Slowly push back on their shoulders until your feet are firmly planted in standing position and you've found your balance. Casually strut around the chair, continuing to work your hips up and down to the music. You can even start to unbutton his shirt, so you can lick down his chest. When you practice, work out which direction is most natural for you to turn in. You should keep your lips parted and smile slightly, just enough to let your partner see that you know how sexy you are. Lean towards your partner to make it easier for you to unhook your leg from the back of the chair. Slowly bend over so that your bottom is brazenly pointing at your man. Then take your bra off in the same seductively slow way. It's really important to keep your back arched and upright. Continue to work your hips and run your hands across your body as you remove yourself from the chair. Make sure your nipples get close enough to tease him, but not close enough to actually touch him. Walk into the room like a sexy professional who's done a lap dance a million times and knows they're great at it. You can wear sporty leggings and a sports top over sexy lingerie, a long dress, or anything that makes you feel sexy. Move your body downward as you caress the area above their waist all the way up to their face. Push your chest closer to your partner while pushing your butt and back out for balance. They shouldn't sit like they're attending a lecture -- they should be comfortable, slightly slouched with their legs spread open a bit. Pretend you're in the shower if that helps get you in the mood. Place your hands on their sides for just a second, and then slowly work your way back up. Still, it's better to be prepared with a few songs just so you don't run out of tunes in the middle of your dance. Repeat on the other side. Don't try this one for more than fifteen seconds, or your partner may go crazy. Keep circling your hips and remember your arm movements.

Lapdance for your boyfriend

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