Mahli thai chippewa falls

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The spice of the dishes can vary dependent on who is cooking that day. Limited supplie, so if you want some you must hurry! Another chance for those of you who wants to try them!!

Mahli thai chippewa falls

Bought a beautiful empty storefront in downtown Chippewa Falls, WI after the downturn in the economy in '11 and started cooking family recipes, and the rest is history. The rain clouds had cleared when we returned to town for dinner at Mahli Thai excellent! I could stop my review right there, and if you are visiting Chippewa Falls, you should be stopping by. They will adjust the spice for you and any dish can be ordered mild, medium or spicy. We're talking like customers from the Twin Cities rave about this place. Thank you for your patronage and support through out the years! Their large tasting room and gift shop looked like a mountain ski chalet with a huge stone fireplace, and they offered an enormous variety of branded merchandise to wear head-to-toe or decorate your man or woman cave. One of my favorites is the lemon grass soup, but it has varied in presentation upon occasion. Food is fresh, and something you would not expect in Western Wisconsin. Give us a call or apply in person. We still have more plans for this new venture. The Pad Thai is something I recommend highly. Well, we did make sure to get some nutrition in us first, stopping at the Bass Lake Cheese Factory in Somerset for lunch of not-so-nutritious grilled cheese sandwiches made from their own cheese. We understand the many disappointments some of you may have because we changed over our venue. They no longer serve Pad Thai with the tofu, unless you ask for it, because most locals love Pad Thai, but won't touch the tofu. Standing at the top of the hill and looking downward. Another chance for those of you who wants to try them!! Before long, we were on our way to seeing a new stateā€”at least for me! Their hours can change, open at 4pm currently Tue-Sunday, and only serve lunch on Saturdays. They also serve Chinese cuisine, and the Sesame Chicken is a favorite of our family. We look forward to giving the best products and counter service that we can. It is run by a Thai family that moved from California. Ours are refreshing, healthy and fresh tasting; made fresh and available for Dinner. After graduating from medical school at the University of Wisconsin in Madison my mom from occupational therapy school , they headed west to California, after my dad did a residency in Salt Lake City. We have gone through so many ups n downs, obstacles and wind falls. There were so many cute kids with light blonde hair! We are looking to hire someone who can help w food prep, cook soups and appetizers and willing to work 5 days a week lunch or dinner shift.

Mahli thai chippewa falls

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  1. Limited quantities are still available for Dinner! If you like the flavor of Yellow curry you will love these flakey, crispy, savory stuffed pockets of goodness!

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