Male psychological hot buttons

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If you were to poke him in the chest or point your finger in his face when arguing with him you would get an emotional response. He turns into a deer in headlights. Most women do what makes sense in this situation — they push and encourage the man to talk, to get in touch with his feelings and to share HER feelings.

Male psychological hot buttons

Then they throw all of their intuition out the window and become the pursuer. So when you share your feelings and want to know his feelings for you, he freaks out. You have to hang tough and make him have the same feeling of rejection you are feeling. Your ex boyfriend will pull away from you and refuse to communicate, but the worst problem will be the image you create in his mind. And guess what men see when this happens? The answer is yes and no. Learn how to use this button. Getting an ex boyfriend back is not easy. You have taken the advice of friends and even spent hours reading tips and tricks on the internet about how a man thinks and what a man needs to hear to change his mind about a breakup. Fool me twice and shame on me. A woman chasing a man is not an attractive sight, and especially if you are crying or begging. To make him want you and even come begging for your love again, you will have to change this image of you in his mind. Your instincts would kick in and it would be terribly difficult for you to keep your heart from racing and for you to refrain from getting upset and keeping your cool. You see, men are taught by society not to make decisions based upon emotion. So what do you do? I talk about each step in detail, exactly what to do, and the common mistakes to avoid in my eBook: So the same goes for this button thing. He will be consumed with these emotions and the only thing that he will think about is how to get back together with you. Or even worse, he starts getting angry and frustrated and turns the conversation back on you with unrelated problems or issues. In an age of disposable relationships, your ex is lucky to have a woman like you love him. By using male psychology to push his emotional hot buttons, you can make the job of getting your ex boyfriend back much easier. Or are you looking to learn? You have to do things that will create a positive image of you in his mind and say things that will attract him to you again. Men have a lot of pride and to make him throw away his pride and come begging you to take him back, you have to really convince your ex boyfriend he is losing you for good. If you love him and want him back, you have to be strong.

Male psychological hot buttons

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  1. When you resist or react negatively in any conversation, everything becomes more difficult. And why do men react so weird when you want to talk about things like issues, emotions, relationships, commitment, marriage?

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