Meet single cyclists

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If you are coming on your own then please do not be scared as there will be awesome souls around this evening. At the very least, it looks like a bit of craic. My next date — a Dubliner in his thirties — reveals how cycling caused his last relationship to hit the skids. The total distance for the ride will be around 25km.

Meet single cyclists

How far will the ride be? As well as that, refreshments will be available on the day. Speed dating cycling, Irish-style Posted on: We have chosen a wonderful location for the event which will make you feel at ease. As the handover is taking place, the rider grabs the bottle tight, as does whoever is handing it up, enabling the rider get a good tow and push from momentum of the car. It's great to go on a speed dating session with a group of friends. It is a very easy paced ride and we will stick together as a group the entire way. Please wait for an email confirmation. A speed date is a short date. As a rider is being dropped from a group, the team manager or support worker in a following car holds a bottle out the window to hand it up. It's my first time, what's a speed date like? Two years ago, former British professional cyclist Kelli Salone set up dating site Ride2Love to help other freewheeling men and women find love. When searching the site you can specify exactly what level of interest you are looking for in each area. This event is more of a spin than a sportive. Can I attend on my own? Yes, please buy your ticket in advance, we want to get the balance right between the number of men and women. And don't forget you probably have three things in common to start with: While the most-matched male was equally young and good looking. Signup for more Bicycle NSW news: Please book your ticket as soon as possible. Will you go up and over for love? This way everyone gets a chance to meet each other. Age is just a number, but based on experiences and feedback, we have decided to organise have these events for certain age groups. Beardy, non-smoking, fairweather cyclists: This is a really interesting event. What do I wear?

Meet single cyclists

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  1. It is a very easy paced ride and we will stick together as a group the entire way. This is a really interesting event.

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