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If you pull my hair, I can't be held responsible for what happens to you. His thoughts were focused on the subject of MegaDramon. He wondered who brought the Digital World back.


The deletion of the land he once ruled immediately followed Machinedramon's defeat. I've never had so much fun in my life! I've been meaning to say something too. GigaDramon was soon awakened from his brief slumber by another earthquake-like disturbance. GigaDramon even grew to love MegaDramon…and not only as a comrade. GigaDramon turned his head back to check up on his comrade. GigaDramon realized that this was the first digimon he had come into contact with since MegaDramon had been deleted. The magnitude of the calamity GigaDramon had experienced left him overwhelmed and extremely fatigued. He had completely forgotten about the fate of the last Dark Master! I suppose you'll be leaving soon. He flew over to it and found that it was filled with caverns, thus providing him with the seclusion he was looking for. You might have a minor concussion, but it's nothing I'd worry about. Geckomon jumped off GigaDramon's back, still feeling a bit lightheaded by the experience of flying. As soon as they returned, MegaDramon collapsed on the couch, still tired after being woken up earlier. The two dragons took flight and scoured the city in search of the DigiDestined. He flew around hoping to find a bit of land that was still intact, but his search was in vain. Float around and wait until he succumbed to starvation and thirst? GigaDramon's reverie was interrupted by a beeping noise that indicated an incoming transmission from headquarters. No matter where they hide, the DigiDestined will not be able to survive the attack! He was pinned under a fallen tree and looked to be unconscious. Brilliant fireballs engulfed building after building as the plasma beams struck them. Being an agent of the group that had treated the Digital World like a plaything and reshaped it into a hideously twisted entity, he knew that he would be almost universally hated. Everything about him seemed perfect to GigaDramon. I need both of you to rectify a rather urgent situation that seems to have developed. GigaDramon sobbed violently at the loss of the only digimon he had ever loved.


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  1. His heart sank once he realized that it was nothing more than a dream; MegaDramon was still gone. The reflection followed suit.

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