Messageboards for people wanting sex

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You will receive back a questionnaire to assure the safety of the list members. There are many third-party resources available. I really don't believe me having sex with another woman will resolve much, as I've told my wife a millions times I have no problem going through the my life only have one sex partner. Male, born , married in She hasn't given me much reasoning other than, "I want you to be able to compare me to someone else," and well, "to gain experience," thinking I'll be a better lover as a result.

Messageboards for people wanting sex

Brand new - Over 18! It also means you can post private information that will help me answer your question, but I will delete it before it is seen by others. I've been requesting her to be more active, to lose her inhibitions as you would say. I have three long-time posters who help by approving the easier questions. We do this by sharing of ourselves and purposefully steering clear of generally off-topic material and debate. We support both the afflicted and the affected family members. What advise would you give, or what other questions do you have for me? This is to include sex, pornography, cybersex, and any other form our addiction takes us. Please ask anything you want! My wife and I have been together 9 years, she was my first I was 21 at the time while she had a numerous lovers before me and another one after we had been 8 months together - I did forgive her, and him, when she told me some 3 years later. Message's copyrights are owned by the individual poster. Now I'm supposed say, "hey, wow, I'm a man, I'm supposed to like wild animal-like sex. Our goal is to maintain a 'home group' like atmosphere. It is a place to ask any question you have about sex. Recently, however, we've been opening up in regards to sex and our relationship. Now my fear is the repercussions of doing something like this. We suffer from many addictions and co-addictions; some identified and some not, some treated and some not. The list was created for adults in search of support from sex and love addiction. Currently we have a main page with subjects like this: I have the most active role in bed especially being the initiator, even of the sex itself , but am often demotivated because my wife always plays a passive role. Why can't I post? I don't know how to explain it, but it was like I could feel her physically miles away. It is something I have experienced--I would define it as an intellectual interaction between two people not sure about more that is profound, generative bringing each to new insights neither had had before , very exciting to experience and in my thinking of it involves sort of a climax experience. There are many third-party resources available. I ask her what she wants but she never really tells me what exactly she wants, though does drop a few hints.

Messageboards for people wanting sex

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  1. As you can imagine our marriage has gone through a number of serious hurdles but yet we've always remained together where we know a lot of others would've given up.

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