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Although unlike Animagi, Metamorphmagi do not possess any distinct markings that come with their transformation, so it would be far more difficult to keep track of them for any signs of ability abuse. During her school years at Hogwarts School, Tonks often got detentions for turning into teachers. While it has been debated whether Animagi transformations and Disapparition require a wand, it seems Metamorphmagi do not need theirs to utilise their abilities. Can she change her skin into another texture or substance?


She also got full marks in Concealment and Disguise of her Auror training , implying that this ability can be used for official examinations and competitions. I'd love to hear your opinion and I'd love to have more people contribute to the page. Take a dragon for example, if the dragon can breathe fire and then you turn into the same breed of dragon, you too can breathe fire. That includes dragons, elves, so on and so fourth. Also, a Metamorphmagus is born, not made; it is not a skill that can be learned. The person's appearance at any moment will often reflect the emotion the person is feeling at the time. Not just your simple 'gi away or I'll slap you'. Harry believes that she is mourning someone, and her sorrow is either preventing her from changing her appearance, or else is simply leaving her uninspired to do so. There is no way to train to become a Metamorphmagus. There also seems to be a degree of heritability, as both Nymphadora Tonks and her son, Teddy Lupin, were Metamorphmagi, although both of Tonks' parents, Andromeda and Ted, were not. I'll try to each day. Highly unlikely, in my opinion. If she could only change her appearance and not her shape, she wouldn't be able to change the shape of her nose. These are just my thoughts on what a Metamorphmagus' change would be like. Tonks has claimed that other wizards need a wand or potions to transform, meaning Metamorphmagi such as herself are not restricted as such. The ability presents very early in life, as Teddy Lupin's hair changed colour when he was a newborn infant, as did his mother's. They're going to attempt murder. That would be truly helpful! They gain the full abilities of the animals they change into. About Note I will not allow any form of copying from this page. Plant, maybe appearance and shape like a tree, with bark skin and leaf hair and make her body look like a tree shape but I doubt she could turn into a daisy. If they feel like they're in multiple moods at once, perhaps their hair would be a mix of colours and so would the eyes. Another interesting thing to consider is an idea I got from some fanfictions. I doubt she could turn into a goldfish or an ant. Strong emotions, such as shock or sadness, can affect their abilities to the point of having trouble using them at all. Not only that, but adding features to their face, such as, freckles and moles is not a restriction.


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