My wife is cold and unaffectionate

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However, people are resilient and, as most people discover, once they bounce back from divorce, life continues and, and people regain their sense of purpose and happiness with how they are living. While this is just normal for this to happen there is the danger that two people start to take each other for granted. I really think we need to set up a meeting with someone you can talk too about this.

My wife is cold and unaffectionate

There isn't anything else I can tell her and some days I feel depressed and lonely and think "This is what I have the rest of my life to just accept it? All added up it makes the person feel wanted and loved. It's a culmination of your consistent vacant attention towards me over time. You don't take me serious, you don't see this as impotent enough to deal with, you go out of your way to laugh at something I do any chance you get but you don't put the same effort into just going out of your way to hug me. I need this level of affection and see this type of physical contact as how you show a person you love them. Where, Daniel, is the communication in your marriage? She pulls away from any attempt at physical contact on my part. Seek out an explanation, resolve the situation, inform yourself as to the "Why" of the problem so you can understand it and thus deal with it? That said it's important that I make sure to preface what I'm about to say. It could be the residue of an unloving upbringing. Than when I do get mad or yell you say "I don't understand why you're in such a bad mood? By the time a husband or wife writes to me it often seems that decades of dissatisfaction have gone by. That may shock you but it's caused me many many hours of grief and you need to know that. You're just along for the ride and don't really want to talk during that ride. My heart sank when you said that. My question is do you show your wife that you appreciate her? We have been married for more than 30 years. No correspondence takes place. Doesn't that seem a bit odd to you ? The problem you are faced with is deciding whether you want to work on repairing this marriage or move on with your life. I'm not referring to sex, what we do in the bedroom at night. When I see a letter with the words, "we have been married for 30 years and I don't know how much longer I can put up with this", my heart sinks, too. You need to know that all the studies show that children are not damaged when their parents divorce. It appears that neither you or your wife are capable of solving your issues without professional help. I'm trying not too. This Disclaimer applies to the Answer Below Dr.

My wife is cold and unaffectionate

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  1. This is made easier if the divorced parents cooperate in providing the children with the necessary parenting and love. Has marriage guidance worked for you?

  2. How am I supposed to approach this topic again? All added up it makes the person feel wanted and loved.

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