Name three areas the sex discrimination act protects employees from

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Employers are obliged to make reasonable accommodations for staff with disabilities. All types of employers and employment relationships are covered under the SDA, including: You can read more here In April , in the combined cases of Essop and others v Home Office and Naeem v Secretary of State for Justice, the Supreme Court held that there is no requirement for a claimant to prove the reason why a PCP puts or would put a group with a protected characteristic at a particular disadvantage; and that there is no requirement that a PCP must put every member of that group at a disadvantage.

Name three areas the sex discrimination act protects employees from

Once a person has passed the interview and has been offered a job then it is permitted for Employers to ask appropriate health-related questions. Tirkey had been made to work 18 hour days, seven days a week, and paid just 11p per hour to be a domestic servant for the family in the UK. Sexual orientation The Act protects bisexual, gay, heterosexual and lesbian individuals. It can occur when employers or managers hold assumptions about what sort of work women are capable — or not capable — of performing. An employee is said to be discriminated against if they are treated less favourably than another is, has been or would be treated in a comparable situation on any of the above 9 grounds. This type of discrimination is unlawful where the employer or other person acting for the employer knows, or could reasonably be expected to know, that the person has a disability. Caste is now included in this definition, although the Equality Act has yet to be changed. Specific situations covered by employment equality legislation Disability: Part 1 Socio-economic inequalities but this will not come into force [21] [ not in citation given ] Part 2 Equality: It was confirmed in that immigration status does not equate to race. Employment where there are cultural sensitivities such as a documentary where male victims of domestic violence need to be interviewed by a male researcher, or a gay men's domestic violence helpline. For example, a company that offers only married employees working in remote locations allowances and leave to visit their families may be disadvantaging employees who are single or in de facto relationships. This means that it is against the law for a business to discriminate against a person by: It is good practice to take positive steps to help employees meet their family responsibilities. Back to top Pre-employment health-related checks The new Equality Act limits the circumstances when Employers or Agencies can ask health-related questions of the applicant or in a reference request letter before they offer an individual a job. She had an exemplary record and no previous warnings, and had taken absence while her daughter was in hospital. Indirect marital or relationship status discrimination occurs when there is a requirement or practice that is the same for everyone but has an unfair effect on people of a particular marital or relationship status. Like work is defined as work that is the same, similar or work of equal value. All of these decisions have been at Tribunal level only so are not binding, with the exception of the belief in spiritualism. See our guide to retirement here. Sexual harassment is prohibited in all work-related activity, including at the workplace and at work-related activities such as training courses, conferences, field trips, work functions and office Christmas parties. Customers The SDA makes it unlawful to discriminate in the provision of services, such as banking and insurance services; services provided by government agencies; transport or telecommunication services; professional services, such as those provided by lawyers, doctors or tradespeople; and services provided by restaurants, shops or entertainment venues. Some types of sexual harassment may also be offences under criminal law. Polly Toynbee wrote that the bill, which was drafted under the guidance of Harriet Harman , was "Labour's biggest idea for 11 years. It investigates or mediates claims of unlawful discrimination under equality legislation. The complaint posted a photo of herself wearing a bikini and displaying tattoos on a social networking site.

Name three areas the sex discrimination act protects employees from

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