Official new york mets website

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They would improve to 79—83 and finish the season tied for 2nd place with Atlanta but it was their 6th consecutive season where they finished under. For the first two years of its existence, the team played its home games at the historic Polo Grounds in Upper Manhattan. In , the Mets entered the final 17 games in the season with a seven-game lead in the division. For the season, a Mr.

Official new york mets website

Their two championships are the most titles among expansion teams, equal to the tallies of the Toronto Blue Jays , Miami Marlins , and Kansas City Royals. For the first two years of its existence, the team played its home games at the historic Polo Grounds in Upper Manhattan. Lucie County constructed a bat house 14 feet off the ground with chambers for hanging bats. However, on June 1, Johan Santana pitched a no-hitter against the St. But the following year, they acquired future Hall of Famer Tom Seaver in a lottery. Logo The cap logo is identical to the logo used by the New York Giants in their final years, and is on a blue cap reminiscent of the caps worn by the Brooklyn Dodgers. The sixth game of the series went sixteen innings, the longest playoff game in history until Like the home-field in the Big Apple, there's a large Jumbo-Tron screen beyond the outfield fence -- one of the largest in the Grapefruit League. Lucie's First Data Field was built in the late s, before the amenities of the current day stadium were commonplace. The logo fell into disuse after the Mets dropped the alternate black jerseys and caps in And like in the Big Apple, they know to move quickly so lines are usually short. They came within one strike of losing the World Series against the Boston Red Sox before a series of hits and defensive miscues ultimately led to an error by Boston's Bill Buckner which gave the Mets a game 6 victory. Lucie, FL Ticket Information: The Philadelphia Phillies won the division by one game after a win on the season's last day. Uniform color and design Currently, the Mets wear an assortment of uniforms. The Mets held a more modest 3. In , the club moved into Citi Field , adjacent to the former Shea Stadium site. This was in contrast to previous seasons where they play with alternate batting helmets to match their caps and jerseys. The highlight of the season was sweeping the season series between their cross town rivals Yankees, a first since interleague play started in Also, Reyes became the first Met in franchise history to win a National League batting title , posting a. During their history, the Mets have won two World Series titles and , five National League pennants , , , , and six National League East titles , , , , , They were out of contention until the season when they were in wild card contention until the final week of the season. The "NY" to the left of the team script was removed. Dickey , and strong production from Wright. Also in , the logo received a slight alteration. For the season, a Mr.

Official new york mets website

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