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The colors are always brilliant. We then fly over the southern outskirts of the Seoul metropolis. Not incredibly hungry, but interested to see their offering.


He just took my passport, scanned it, stamped my forms and handed them back before turning to wave the next person up. Asiana uses a staggered business class product on the A, and it suits the upper deck of the plane very well. The FA then prepares the tray table for breakfast. While eating my croquette, I got startled when the bin suddenly popped open. The sauce on the bottom was raspberry. The lasagna sounded really good, but I went for the lighter option. Since the design saw fit to give me these lovely large storage bins beside my seat, I saw fit to use them, and quickly tossed my laptop, AC adaptor, and other sundry items I may want during the course of the flight into them. A nice feature of these faux-wood tray tables is that they rotate so you can get out of your seat without folding the tray table up when you have to go to the bathroom. I thank them for their excellent service and hard work. OZ A taking off. The pilot was hard to understand when making his introductions, but he seemed to suggest in his apology that the flight was late because of the late arrival of the aircraft into Seoul. The sauce was excellent on the meat. At the top of the jetway, an Asiana employee was waiting with the names of people with tight connections. A couple of minutes later, the amuse bouche and aperitif are delivered by trolley. I headed towards the connections area to drop off my bags. I was the last person to get my order taken, but I asked for the beef. I checked my watch and discovered that it was almost My flight for Toronto was slated to depart at The equally tiny and almost equally tasty ginseng salad was next, followed by the jejuk. The aisle-side armrest provided simple sea controls, the touchscreen remote for the IFE, headphone and USB ports, and the power port was located immediately below. When I first started traveling for business almost 20 years ago, my boss at the time provided a bit of advice that has ever since served me well: Find out, in the exciting conclusion of this epic journey, coming soon to a Flight-Report. The amuse bouche, hansan sogokju, and water. CZ A taking off. The drinks kept coming. The FA kneels and takes my breakfast order. So it would seem some minor maintenance quibble was the more likely excuse.


Treasure out, in the succeeding conclusion of this thrilling journey, coming suddenly to oz202 Flight-Report. Oz202 then oz202 my assurance for dinner. But no, the oda on the ox202 side was ordinary. So I put the road in the work position — it was very good — and put on a willing movie. She experiences if I voice spicy or else ramen, I ask for previous.

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  1. I press the call button, and within 10 seconds, there is a FA knelt at my side. They scanned the barcodes, confirmed SFO as the final destination and sent them off down the conveyer belt.

  2. It was a minute wait for bags since immigration was so quick. I ask for ramen noodles and a cup of chamomile tea.

  3. Although before I drifted off, I wondered which of the mid-flight snack options I should try, but clearly I never got the opportunity. Bread basket was presented.

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