Pros and cons about same sex marriage

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Religion Pro When the United States legalized gay marriage , they again solidified that the words written on the papers that started this country still ring true. There are religious institutions that speak loudly about their disagreement with gay marriage, and the government chose to decide in favor of their original separation. Although the list for each side is exhaustive, here are some gay marriage pros and cons that were at the forefront of the question. But no matter what, marriage is definitely a beautiful occasion of love with the pleasure of celebrating everybody should have.

Pros and cons about same sex marriage

This is why rights for same-sex couples continue to be of interest for many around the world; the questions still remain: Even if the process is slow and the consequences result in higher divorce rates, many believe this will ensure same-sex newlyweds the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples. Political Science 12th ed. My philosophy—only allows male-partners the right to adopt females and female-partners the right to adopt males. Adds to Overburden Divorce System Being able to get married and celebrate your love in a public forum is wonderful. Negative Effects on Children Same sex marriages are not always the best environment in which to raise a child. Minimize Discrimination Removing the restrictions on gay marriage removes the stigma that gay and lesbian couples are forced to live with. When gay couples are allowed to marry, they are now subject to all of the same divorce pitfalls as their straight counterparts. The first is the institutional marriage which emphasis is on male authority, duty, and conformity to social norms, we call this pre-twentieth-century form of marriage. When same-sex couples are denied rights, it can produce more questions than answers. Discussion The evidence presented concludes that same-sex couples have a long journey ahead in the fight for marriage equality, adoption rights, and spousal benefits. In this way heterosexual couples create more well being and happiness for themselves and also for their children. But since the tides have turned and gay marriage has been legalized, more people are being open and honest about who and what they love. It allows same sex couples to adopt children. Public and Private Families Fifth ed. I do not want to oppose same sex marriages. Heterosexuals criticize marriage equality and continue to ignore the issue. Married LGBT couples can access the same assistance as heterosexual couples and are afforded the same amount of protection under the law. So my opinion is that I disapprove of gay marriage. So, why has Congress not seen the need to give same-sex couples marriage equality? True equality may not come due to the slow moving course of public opinion, but the equality is in writing. It will put us on the slippery slope towards legalizing polygamy. There are religious institutions that speak loudly about their disagreement with gay marriage, and the government chose to decide in favor of their original separation. As divisive as this topic is, the court of public opinion is slowly coming around. The LGBT community enjoys the same fundamental rights as others, and it would be reasonable to give them the right to marry.

Pros and cons about same sex marriage

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  1. Gay marriage allows both spouses to have equal rights and get access to benefits that are meant for married couples. In the end, though, the government chose to rule in favor of what it had originally fought for:

  2. Many Americans have attached this responsibility to the federal government. Could this possibly be a reason the federal government has yet to pass a law approving same-sex adoption among states?

  3. The only difference is they are attracted to the same sex but in reality it doesn't matter lawless Student According to the word of god homeosexuality is condemned by the the bible.

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