Raj raghunathan

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For autonomy it is having internal control, where he focuses on having process-oriented goals, rather than outcome-oriented ones - that way we can derive happiness from the effort even if it doesn't end up exactly how we had hoped. Scarcity implies a zero-sum game and makes happiness hard to find. Apr 01, Angelo rated it really liked it I like this book. Define what happiness is for you and make choices to prioritize it.

Raj raghunathan

We can increase our happiness but only if we want it. We also need to consider the means that get us to these ends — that is, what approach do we use toward fulfilling these needs? Raghunathan's work juxtaposes theories from psychology , behavioral sciences , decision theory and marketing to explain connections between affect and consumption behavior. Negative events tend to hurt less but actually carry a lot of meaning in our future lives - they often drive positive consequences. And when things aren't going well, to have self-compassion. The very things that make people smart and successful can, paradoxically, get in the way of happiness. Happiness , Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi author of Flow. Do not try to be superior to others. The author describes 7 habit-sin pairs in the chapters. The book has been translated into 7 languages. I liked when the author showed how happiness can be defined not relying only on abstract concept and I also liked how he addressed the problems sins and the viable solutions. Suggests using "smart trust" that limits downside, and trying to simply put ourselves in others' shoes - when we forgive others we reap the benefits emotionally. According to Raj, we need three main things to be happy: Belonging We need to feel a sense of intimacy or connection with at least one other person. The book refers the author's own research as well as the works of others from the various fields of behavioral economics , neuroscience , organizational behavior , consumer behavior , positive psychology etc. Other strongest takeaway - that people, even strangers, are more deserving of trust than almost anyone giv A Business school professor examines happiness, with some interesting conclusions. What are the determinants of a happy and fulfilling life? Raj hopes that, by writing his book , starting the Happy Smarts Project , and teaching the free A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment online course at Coursera, we can begin to take the business of happiness more seriously. Raj gives the example of a parent who might be inclined to come home from a long day at work and veg out in front of the television set. The take-away message of the book is that there is a lot of potential in ourselves. His studies on the information seeking behaviour of do-it-yourself online investors suggest that the propensity to search out confirmatory information and ignore negative views can result in poor decision-making … Supersizing Taste: I didn't know anything about related Coursera courses and that there was actual research on happiness. Good News May Not Breed Good Decisions Human beings have an innate desire to have their views validated by others, a tendency that can have dangerous consequences when it comes to making investment decisions, argues Professor Raj Raghunathan. The course draws content from a variety of fields, including positive psychology , neuroscience , and behavioral decision theory. Although, some solutions are impracticable at least for me.

Raj raghunathan

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