We make it easy to stay organized and on top of everything. Signing up for Rignite: Ensure that you choose a memorable account name. Rignite analytics can not only be used to track campaigns, but your entire social media activity too to help you learn more about your everyday social media usage. Also visit the Browser Extension tab and add it to your browser as you can share pages and posts you like with Rignite by just clicking it.


In the popup box that appears you can then type in your message, include a link if you would like to, then choose a social media and a time to publish. Rignite will also track your campaign and provide you with helpful analytics. You will now be taken to a page where you can create a new password. To directly share blog posts and web pages install and use the browser extensions I mentioned earlier in the blog post. Now choose the social media accounts. Regularly observing this data and then determining what you have done right or wrong can help you craft better posts and campaigns in the future. To create a campaign, just visit the section by choosing it from the left side bar and then clicking on the plus sign at the top which looks like the plus sign on the monitor page. Use it to see where your fans live, what type of posts they like most, track clicks, likes and retweets, etc. You can then create different types of campaigns by selecting from the array of options provided and then follow the steps Rignite guides you through. This should increase response rates and customer satisfaction which is the requisite to a successful business. Would you like to use Rignite for social media management? To learn about everything you can do with the social media monitoring feature, check out this page. Create social marketing campaigns and manage daily social media activities from a single solution. Also set notifications, so that you receive regular updates. Rignite makes it easy with their social collaboration software. All you need to do is visit the monitor page and click on the plus sign. Signing up for Rignite: These statistics can help you modify your current campaign and help you run powerful future campaigns. We're very impressed and very happy with both the product and the team behind it. If you plan to run a Facebook contest where your aim is to get more likes, then make sure you get started soon as Like-Gating will be banned from November 5th onwards. Download reports for management or clients. After you add your social media accounts, you can begin browsing through the rest of the tabs in the settings page. I love that feature! This will help you determine who your audience is, what they want and the type of posts they like interacting with. Then you can create the stream using the options available.


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  2. Here's What Our Customers Say Frends Beauty "Rignite has managed to build a system that has become the hub of our entire social media effort. To sum up you can monitor yours and other activity, schedule updates, run campaigns, measure results, provide excellent customer support as a team and do various other things.

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