Saying hurtful things to your spouse

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As such, it is inevitable to hit a bump here and there and to say something upsetting from time to time. You, on the other hand, have the power to change your own experience and perception. Or, he might have been raised that way, to believe men are to be tactless, and women submissive. It appears that the same statement can be perceived differently based on a number of factors. While physical violence leaves scars on your body, an insult leaves scars on your soul.

Saying hurtful things to your spouse

Say with a serious face that you have an appointment and leave him alone. You can ignore the insults of some unimportant people like a rude assistant at the shop or a waiter, but when it comes to your close people, and husband in particular, tolerance is something you should strongly avoid. We had learned these inadequate ways of conveying our thoughts when we were children, and we need a bit of a help to learn new and healthy communication skills. There is a difference between verbal aggression and a slip-up. Among others, relationship satisfaction was proven to influence how the receiver of the upsetting message will perceive it. You, on the other hand, have the power to change your own experience and perception. The main thing about humor is that it undermines the power of rude words and relieves tension. When I saw that he was getting angry and started insulting me, I just left him alone under any pretext. Nonetheless, such fairytale rarely if ever happens in real life. He needs to understand what is hurtful to you and avoid such language or tone of voice. So, in essence, it is both you and your husband who have the power and the responsibility to ensure that your communication is direct and kind. However, as research shows, it is not an entirely objective phenomenon. Stay calm This is the most critical factor that determines the outcome of the quarrel. Whether it was intentional or not, if you feel hurt, accept it and validate it. Is there a way to see things differently? The reasons why people say hurtful things or hear hurtful things Apart from aggression and a desire to dominate a conversation and the relationship, people can say cruel things for many reasons. You do have the right to your own experience of whatever was said, but please consider the nuances of communication. While physical violence leaves scars on your body, an insult leaves scars on your soul. Instead, write a diary, talk to a friend, or do something productive until you feel calm again. Someone would say that quarrels and insults are an integral part of any relationship and they cannot lead to any consequences. Every time I used rude words in response, he got even more furious and uncontrolled. Therefore, reach out to a therapist, buy a book or two, or search the internet, but do make sure that you both undergo a cleanup of your communication styles. However, this is exactly what you should do. I chose the moment when he was in a good mood and asked him to have a talk with me. As the matter of fact, it is considered one of the three major deal-breakers in marriage. The other two are addictions and affairs.

Saying hurtful things to your spouse

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  1. The intention behind what was being said and the frequency of such remarks are some of the aspects of the said difference.

  2. In most cases verbal abuse is more painful than physical one. Try to make a mockery by exaggerating the insult or adding something.

  3. Make use of humor While humor is viewed as one of the best and most powerful ways to respond, I found it extremely difficult to use humor when my husband insulted me. If you feel that your husband is plain aggressive, and not just a bit temperamental and clumsy in an argument, you should consider a more thorough change in your relationship.

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