Sensing aura

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When you have finished this experiment discuss the sensations you felt. Also by doing this, you have stimulated the chakras in the palms of your hands, which are important for receiving and projecting healing energies. It is how your energy is emitting from your body. Is there a slight trembling feeling? Do not let them touch.

Sensing aura

It give them faith in the fact that their gift is real and not just in their minds. The experiments that follow are best done in low lighting and without the distraction of candles or side lighting. Do you feel relaxed or happy to be with this individual? Now discuss the feelings you had and any psychic impressions you felt around the head. How to Sense the Aura Step 1: Notice how it is getting stronger and stronger Step 4: As you do this feel the opposing force fields resisting each other. When we are in a threatening or an aggressive situation we unconsciously protect our auras and, conversely, in a secure situation our auras attract and we share energy. Now slowly bring the palms even closer together. The closer the palms get the more your hands want to fly apart. Notice how the energy reacts. Let your intuition give you the meaning. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, take notice of your five senses and your gut reaction. As your abilities are enhanced, feeling, sensing and seeing the aura colors become easier. When everyone is settled again, the group leader will talk everyone through a second experiment in the same way as before except this time the hands attract like the opposite poles of two magnets. After meeting someone, write down what appeared in your mind or any color you associated with that person. Here I talk about Sensing the Aura. In addition, the love being projected to and from those in the next life is also spiritual energy, and this more than anything else builds a bridge between the worlds. Each one of us encounters many different feelings and situations. Now move your fingers in close to the head and see what sensations you feel around the top of the head. The energies from the chakras produce the auras. Bring the hands fully together to the praying position. Now imagine that the force field around your hands repel one another. An example of how to extend your auric field would be to open up your palms and turn them upward. For more information on developing psychic abilities visit the Learning Room.

Sensing aura

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