Sex gifts for your boyfriend

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What are his likes and dislikes? If you can use your hands and your mouth to pleasure him then you can sure as hell use your two bosom buddies. Oh, and you're welcome. A Boob Job No..

Sex gifts for your boyfriend

The Post-Coital Moves Climb on his back, after sex. What are his likes and dislikes? Gift yourself some sexy lingerie and then arrange an intimate strip tease for your fella! Release the tension and get aroused at the same time! He'll be thankful - and more inclined to get started on round two! Again, these are easily available online! You could get a pair each and then have a race to see who finishes first. Well, there's no need to look any further because we have come up with the ultimate list of sexy gifts your guy would be thrilled to receive! The Human Birthday Cake On his birthday, instead of getting him a regular cake, smear icing on yourself! You can enjoy unwinding together in an intimate setting. Last Minute Winner If you really want to give your guy a sexy surprise He will revel in the visual delight and enjoy the feeling of your nipples against his private parts. If you can use your hands and your mouth to pleasure him then you can sure as hell use your two bosom buddies. Give your partner a surprise blow job The Kama Sutra Buy your guy a copy of this tantric tale and point out the pages you would be inclined to try out with him. Sexy lingerie No, not for him. A Boob Job No.. It might not seem like much - but it's the best present he'll get that month! Let the music play! You two can have fun revealing your inner artists, while using your bodies as the ultimate canvas! Whoever pulls out one of those bricks, during the game, has to follow the secret, sexy instructions! His expression will say it all! Oh, and you're welcome. What gets him ticking? Pull out 15 bricks from the set and, using a permanent marker, scribble naughty dares and tasks on each brick. Edible Finger Paints These are easily available online.

Sex gifts for your boyfriend

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