Sex is a form of worship

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We are to see it. It was at this time, however, that phallic worship was being degraded into a worship of the sex functioning rather than of the sex principle, and many of the emblems and rituals connected with the phallic worship in both Judah and Israel assumed a corrupt form. The writer of the Jewish story about Jacob's ladder was also familiar with the phallic worships, and the general habits and customs of people who believed in this worship, and he has added to the story in Genesis a little incident of phallic worship. This of course is Satan's domain and he would hijack or steal what was not his due.

Sex is a form of worship

It is made the more precious because it is truly spiritual, pure and holy because it is in the truth of Jesus Christ His Son.. We are reaping the consequences in rampant sexual crime, with incest and Paedophilia becoming epidemic throughout the world. Satan would certainly oblige because it carried his rebellion with God straight into the heart of God's people. With the abortion holocaust of millions of God's innocents, feminism and political correctness have exploded, whilst moral and Godly family values and child rearing skills and discipline has been blighted. They did this because they believed it would put them in tune with spiritual powers. It is from this old heathen system of dancing around a garlanded and bedecked upright stone that the maypole came into existence, as used in a May-day ceremony. You can see at the end of the story as given in the 28th chapter of Genesis that after Jacob had awakened early in the morning, he took the stone that he had used for a pillow and set it up as a pillar and poured oil upon it and called the place Beth-el. Yet I saw that her unfaithful sister Judah had no fear; she also went out and committed adultery. Worship of Satan is deemed idolatry We see here the principle of what is sown is also reaped, not only for the generation now but those in the future too. Your stature is like a palm tree, and your breasts are like its clusters. In some countries, sacred oaths were taken by placing the hand on the sex organs and swearing by the sacredness of them to the truth of the statement being made. We find, in the early Phallic teachings and rituals, constant reference, not to sex relations or practices, but to the principle of reproduction, as being the greatest mystery and the most marvelous demonstration and manifestation of some unknown law. Those breasts are telling us about the glory of God, the goodness of God, the beauty of God, and more. For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer. Therefore, to them the reproductive processes were sacred because of their importance, their mystery and their sublime origin. This is truly a nurturing and strengthening of man and wife, two, yet one before God presented in the love and grace of Jesus Christ, in that three strand relationship Jeremiah 3: This is enjoyed by Satan as worship from those created to be the pinnacle of God's creation. Spiritual adultery in this scripture emphasises that the worship which is due to God was going elsewhere. Although the idols were of wood and stone their acts were likened to adultery and immorality. The writer of the Jewish story about Jacob's ladder was also familiar with the phallic worships, and the general habits and customs of people who believed in this worship, and he has added to the story in Genesis a little incident of phallic worship. Any act that brings joy to God can be deemed worship John 4: It is a false concept that worship must always include singing. In some of the temples the women were directed to weave silk hangings to place over or suspend from the upright stone that stood in the center of the temple and during some of the rituals, the women and especially the maidens, had to dance around this upright emblem and pay adoration and homage to it as a form of sex worship. We see then that the worship that our Father God enjoys in clean, wholesome, pure Godly sexual intercourse, must likewise illustrate what happens in ungodly sex, that is all sexual intercourse outside marriage. Find out more, order the book and sign up for free devotional readings at www. So it is with the breasts of our wives. Why should you be intoxicated, my son, with a forbidden woman and embrace the bosom of an adulteress?

Sex is a form of worship

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  1. Tracing the origin of the form of worship, we find that it had its inception in something that was idealistic. Thus we see that from phallic worship of a great principle, the tendency was degraded toward worship of the sex organs and the indulgence, and this was its deterioration and final condemnation.

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