Sex is a spiritual experience

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Some of this is organic and beautiful but becoming overly attached crosses a line. Allow it to arouse every pore. Focus lightly on the lingering bliss of orgasm.

Sex is a spiritual experience

To heighten your sense of taste, I suggest wearing an eye mask or a loose blindfold, perhaps made from a silk scarf. My beaten-down patient had reached that point of surrender. She loved her husband, but he was hurting her with his abusive treatment and definitely not treasuring her the way she deserved to be treasured. Be aware of colors, textures, sounds. Being willing to surrender the tendency to get overly attached in favor of a healthier bond will allow you to have more joyous and pleasurable relationships and sexual energy exchanges without the pain of obsession. Lack of creativity, boredom 6. Also during orgasm, when energy rises, you may liberate uncomfortable emotions. Working with a skilled relationship therapist or coach can be productive. I learned that over-merging with a sexual partner can decrease sexual energy charge. Similarly, the Christian mystics Teresa of Avila and Hildegard of Bingen, both virgins of course, wrote rapturous, erotic love poetry to God and used imagery from the Song of Songs. One of my patients who struggled with low self-esteem spent a decade in an abusive marriage. Hold each other; make eye contact. These will help you develop autonomy and grounding. Let the orgasmic energy transport you to higher states of consciousness , visions, and pleasure. Let yourself melt into it. Feel your energy and warmth blending. Then they can plan erotic interludes to leisurely enjoy each other during a sexual energy exchange and the pleasures their bodies have to offer. Let it spread throughout your body. Have I done something wrong? How could this miracle ever be just one thing? Turn off the phone. During sexual energy exchanges, you want to touch the eternal. Westerners often see sex as linear, the goal being orgasm, but tantra views sexual love as a sacrament and an energy exchange between two people. Select a few foods, herbs, or spices that have zing. Visit her website drjudithorloff.

Sex is a spiritual experience

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